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“DISGUSTING and senseless” thieves have stolen sentimental statues left by a grieving man at his parents’ graves.

Craig Cook is now calling for CCTV to be installed at a city cemetery after his parents’ grave was stolen.

On Saturday, October 22, Mr Cook, of Sadlers Walk, Worcester, was devastated to discover that two decorative stone gray lions had been stolen from his mother and father’s graves in Astwood Cemetery.

Now he wants to install security cameras at the cemetery to deter thieves and has even launched a petition.

The petition currently has 81 signatures, with others testifying to the theft of items from the graves of family members.

He said: “We should be allowed to grieve and not worry about our memorials being stolen or our cars broken into while we mourn the graves of our loved ones.”

Worcester News: Lions stolen from their graves last weekend.The lions who were stolen from the grave at the weekend. (Image: Craig Cook)

Mr Cook said the thefts were “disgusting and senseless”.

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He said: “I think it’s just disgusting that this has happened.

“This is such a thoughtless and heartless act that has had such an impact on our family.

“My children have taken it incredibly hard as my mum has always lived with us, it’s just so hard to understand why someone would do this.

“There needs to be CCTV installed to prevent things like this from happening again.”

Mr Cook’s mother, Val Cook, died earlier this year and his father, Neville Cook, died in 2007.

Mr Cook visits Estwood Cemetery every day to pay his respects.

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“This is not the first case of this kind.

“We had an incident earlier where someone tried to take things from the grave, but luckily someone caught it on camera.

“I’ve met people who visit the cemetery over the years and I’ve heard of situations where they’ve had similar problems as well.

“People pay a lot of money to be able to leave a memorial to their loved ones in this cemetery and I think it’s important to install CCTV to stop these thefts.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said they had spoken to Mr Cook.

They said: “We have spoken to Mr Cook and we share his shock at this disgraceful act of theft and understand the distress he and his family must be feeling.

“We will assist the police in any way necessary in the investigation of this case.

“While incidents of this nature are very upsetting, fortunately they are relatively rare at Astwood Cemetery. At the moment, there are no plans to install video surveillance at the site.”

You can find Mr. Cook’s petition by visiting


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