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DriveTribe’s YouTube channel offers the best automotive video content. Regular host Mike Fernie is often joined by James May and Richard Hammond on the channel as they tackle all manner of motoring matters. From watching Hammond buy his old Jaguar, to May driving her Alpine A110 sports car. The channel has some pretty cool stuff. In this latest video on the channel, Fernie can be seen lending Hammond a helping hand when it comes to his Ford pickup.

Not so long ago, Hammond bought a Ford Ranger pickup truck. He is actually Hammond’s daily driver and can also be seen in many videos filmed at Hammond’s auto restoration shop, The Smallest Cog. However, as Fernie goes on to explain, the courtyard in which the truck is located is a working one. Therefore, one day it may inevitably happen. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Hammond’s truck in The Smallest Cog yard. So in this video, Fernie gets help from Hammond’s company to get the pickup truck repaired and looking like new.

How the Ford Ranger pickup was damaged

The way the truck was actually damaged is quite ironic. While testing the car for the upcoming The Grand Tour special, which Hammond will drive, it flipped into Hammond’s pickup in The Smallest Cog. At the time of the DriveTribe video, Hammond was on vacation from filming this special. And because Fernie is such a good guy, he enlisted the help of The Smallest Cog team, including Andrew, to fix the damage to the car. While Fernie became an apprentice in the workshop.

The damage dented the entire back quarter of the pickup’s panel and dented it at the top and bottom. So there is a lot of work. We know that the yellow pickup damaged Hammond’s pickup, which is also somewhat ironic! We then get a bit of a 1980s-style montage where Fernie and Andrew bring various instruments to the truck’s dashboard, along with some fun interludes. Obviously, a lot of work is needed to get the truck back to pre-accident condition.

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Repainting Hammond’s damaged Ford Ranger

After the panel is repaired, we see the truck enter the paint shop to repaint the affected area. This is another fairly painstaking job with the rest of the truck covered so you don’t accidentally respray undamaged parts of the truck. The damaged area looks much better, although there are a few small things that need to be polished to match the rest of the pickup. Needed some orange peel on the affected part to match the rest of the body.

The next step for the pickup is to take it to Gtechniq for a full clean. It’s all about getting Hammond’s pickup before he gets back from vacation. This is quite an in-depth process where the pickup first needs to be machine polished to have a perfect surface to bring the pickup back to its best appearance. The ceramic coating is one of the last steps in the process, so hopefully when Hammond returns, he’ll have a clean, repaired and shiny Ford Ranger to take home.

Brilliant Hammond pickup again

The body overall is pretty damaged with all sorts of scratches due to poor washing techniques and general use of the Ranger as a daily driver. So Gtechniq won’t be able to get it back to how it was when it left the factory, but they’ll at least give it a damn good one. We get a bit of a montage of the team working their magic with various products in the pickup, and the interior also gets a deep clean.

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Showing the truck to Hammond upon his return

The finished product is certainly a far cry from the damaged and dirty pickup that The Smallest Cog started working on. Hammond goes back to look at his truck and he just can’t believe how good the repaired area looks, he just hated seeing his pickup wrecked. Even though his truck is a work vehicle, Hammond hated knowing it was there. Hammond is very happy that his truck is now repaired and that it has also received a full Gtechniq treatment and has been fully detailed. It’s safe to say that it looks a lot better than it did at the beginning of the video!

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