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Pickup of 2022: Ford Ranger

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With an all-new model waiting for its time, this is the last hurray for the current Ford Ranger. But it went out with a bang, thanks to its fourth consecutive win as the UK’s best-selling pick-up truck.

The reasons for its victory are the same again, with huge variety in the line-up meaning there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a base XL model with a single cab and extra-long cargo bed, a high-tech Wildtrak that can be used for both work and family, or a model that can go as fast off-road as it does in form Raptor in our photos, then the Ranger is for you.

Electrification has yet to find its way into the pickup market, the class is still dominated by diesel, and Ford’s 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine is powerful. Power 168 hp. or 210 hp in higher models, it provides plenty of pulling power, whether you’re towing a trailer, hauling a heavy payload or tackling difficult off-road terrain. All-wheel drive with low-shift capability means the latter is a piece of cake for the Ranger.

The Ranger is not only a great workhorse, but it can also do the job as a family vehicle. The ride is smooth for a work vehicle – even when the pickup bed is empty – while the top models offer the kind of kit that befits many luxury SUVs.

Combine these talents with the favorable tax rates enjoyed by pickup trucks, and the Ranger is once again a winner in its class. We can’t wait to see if the next model continues the winning ways of the current model.

Our choice

Ford Ranger 2.0 EcoBlue 170 hp Wolftrak (£29,841 ex VAT)

Ford introduced a special version of the Wolftrak in late 2021 to add some style to the workhorse part of the Ranger lineup. The 168bhp EcoBlue diesel version has plenty of power, while black exterior details, an extended rear sports panel and black alloy wheels add to the look. It also includes satellite navigation, rear parking sensors and a rear differential lock for improved off-road capability.


Isuzu D-Max

The D-Max is the only model Isuzu sells in the UK, but it challenges the Ranger for the number of options on offer. The mid-range versions offer a decent package for business users who don’t need a flashy truck, but if you want to stand out, then the Arctic Trucks AT35, with its huge tires, extended wheel arches and increased ground clearance, will catch the eye of many. .

Toyota Hilux

Thanks to constant updates, the legendary “workhorse” Toyota follows the Ranger every year. The latest revisions add extra kit without compromising the Hilux’s renowned off-road prowess, while two engine options, a decent range of trims and now the appeal of Toyota’s 10-year warranty make it a hugely tempting alternative.


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