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Ford says it is working overtime to ramp up production of the new Ranger Ute after waiting times stretched to nine months or more.

Waiting time for a new one 2023 Ford Ranger For most popular models, this period ranges from six to nine months, but some Ranger Raptor customers have been told to wait a year or more.

The information on the Ford Australia website about waiting times for each model tries to take some of the guesswork out of it, but delays vary by colour, option and model class.

The Fleet and 2.0-litre variants appear to be ready for sale at many dealers as demand for the new Ranger has shifted more towards the top models than Ford expected.

The company has now confirmed it is working overtime in an effort to reduce queues.

“We’ve added changes in both Thailand and South Africa,” said Dianne Craig, Ford’s head of international markets. drive.

“While things have definitely improved – and the Ranger was generally protected from a company perspective because we had to protect it for launch – the bigger issue (is) the supply chain … it was so volatile.

“Supply over the past few years has only been such a problem because of the (semiconductor shortage).

“So you supplement that with the demand we have for (the new Ranger). What we do is we work very closely with our suppliers because it’s just not enough production capacity.

“We have to make sure we can meet that demand over the next few years (by upgrading) the production facilities, which we have done.”

Ford Australia boss Andrew Birkich said the company was doing everything it could to get cars to customers as quickly as possible, but also asked for patience.

The company also ordered additional components for the Premium Pack Ford Ranger Wildtrak and original towing kits for the Ford Everest.

“It’s really in our best interest to get as many (cars) as possible, but … it has to be of the right quality.”

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