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The long-awaited new Ford Ranger will finally launch in early December.

Citizen A few months ago, I tried the first generation of Blue Oval cookies, taking pre-production samples at the Gerotek test plant. If this brief experience was anything to go by, the new Ford Ranger will definitely live up to all the hype.

But from now until the opening of the order books, many buyers will have to make a difficult decision. Buy an outdated current-gen model – maybe at a really good price – or wait for a new model that’s likely to be a bit more expensive than the current generation?

While the next generation will obviously be a highly coveted product, the remaining Ford Ranger’s expiration date has definitely not passed. She’s had a great run selling Mzansi’s favorite car, the Toyota Hilux, in double cab form for almost five years now and is still going head-to-head with her rivals.

When the bakkie bites the bug

We thought we’d approach a potential buyer to hear their thoughts on the matter and test our theory about buying now and keeping or waiting for a new Ranger. And Trevor Stevens, Citizen The editor was just the person to ask.

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Trevor now owns an SUV and hatchbacks, but never a bakkie. After reception Citizen A long-term Ford Ranger Stormtrak was converted from an off-road vehicle to a dual-cab version while touring the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal and the Kruger National Park.

Ford Ranger
The ideal companion on the sandy paths of the Kurger National Park.

“I’ve just never been a hardcore guy, but Stormtrak really got me. Where I am at this point in my life fits the bill,” says Trevor.

“He offers such a lekker drive. It is extremely comfortable not only on the open road, but also on dirt tracks in the Kruger. There’s always enough power for overtaking, and adaptive cruise control will keep you out of trouble.

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Ford Ranger meets all requirements

“What I really liked is that the Ford Ranger caters to both young and old. My two teenagers were comfortable in the back seats on the south coast trip, and so were my parents on the Kruger trip. Thanks to the benefits of the side steps, there were no problems getting in and out with plenty of legroom,” he adds.

Trevor says he will first have to weigh up the value between the different price points before deciding whether to go with the current generation or the new model.

Our long-term Stormtrak 4×4, which is essentially a R832 100 Wildtrak 2.0-litre bi-turbo 4×4 with aesthetic enhancements and electronic shutters, costs R874 100. A next-gen Ranger with similar specs is likely to be priced at north of R900,000.

Ford Ranger
A family of four can comfortably travel to KZN in a Ford Ranger.

A value proposition

“The Stormtrak already has a very long spec list compared to my own car. In my case, I would have to ask myself what a new Ford Ranger can offer me that I haven’t already bought in a Stormtrak,” says Trevor.

“If it’s a small price difference between the old and new model, say 50,000 rand, that won’t make a big difference to your monthly payments, then it’s obviously worth considering.

“It will depend on how much you really need the newer and trendier things. The vertical infotainment system in the new Ranger looks great, but I can honestly say that I really don’t need it. Especially if you are looking at a premium in the region of 100k rand.

Ford Ranger
The most popular new Ford Ranger models are equipped with 12-inch vertical screens of the infotainment system.

“I’d prefer to hunt for a good deal on the current Ford Ranger because it will offer great value for what is already a great ride in my opinion. You can always upgrade to the new one later.”

Over the past few months, Ford’s Silverton assembly plant has begun integrating production of the new Ranger and the new VW Amarok, with which it shares a platform, into the production line of the current Ranger, which is exported to more than 100 countries.


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