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By relinquishing his British Boxing license, Conor Benn may escape the ban imposed on him for two failed drug tests, World News reports.

The tests, which began three months, as Nigel Benn’s father explained before correcting himself to “three weeks,” were confirmed with the same amount of drugs.

Benn renounced his British credentials last week and has since vowed never to fight under the authority of the BBBofC.

Will Conor Benn get banned for failing a drug test?

This result means that any future ban will be over, and Benn is free to travel abroad to get a ban on the box. Furthermore, UKAD – the body that usually passes judgments, is not strong in this instance as the “Destroyer” did not fail any of their tests.

WBN confirmed that Benn could escape the ban. The decision from VADA will only be acted upon by the World Boxing Council at this time.

Even if the WBC gave the British heavyweight ban, which is certainly not established, Benn would be able to use his business beyond the organization’s control.

Only UKAD can take Benn out completely. But even then, there are options to overcome this possibility.

Regarding VADA – the body that exposed the bad results in two different products – they do not care about the results.

Drug test results

Judgment is left to the commissions and sanctioners. VADA regularly provides the results of their tests to players, promoters, the governing body, sanctioning bodies, and the ABC.

Chris Eubank Jr.’s fight it does not have any major sanctioning bodies involved. However, Benn remained ranked by the WBC and engaged in the Clean Boxing Program.

They are well within their rights to stop Benn from rating for a while. Also, to make recommendations elsewhere – for example – to UKAD.

We know that World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman was informed of Benn’s failed test, as was promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Association of Boxing Commissioners will also receive relevant information. So they can work up to Benn’s war in America.

The head of the British Boxing Authority, Robert Smith, is known to be investigating the matter. So far, he has been keeping Benn in the public eye.

The position they took made Benn stand out from the crowd. He then accused the Commission of showing bias and “getting it for him.”

Dr. Usman Sajjad

But what about the doctor who worked at the camp with Benn? – It is reported that Dr. Usman Sajjad entered the investigation in early October, as reported by the British media.

So far, there is no information about Sajjad’s role. He has posted several times on social media about working with Benn.

In a twist, he made scathing comments about boping boxers in a podcast interview.

He also took down his website and social media accounts the day Benn’s failed test became public. It’s a potentially cursed thing.

Fans want “Dr. Uz” to explain his role in Benn’s team. To explain what knowledge, if any, he has about what fighters eat.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to see who can punish Benn. The boxer only stated that he will not fight until he clears his name.

Benn saw the fight against Eubank Jr. of the middleweights which were canceled at the last minute because the Commission withdrew their support.

Without this move, the event at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday, October 8, could continue without a problem.

Also, the failed test was revealed by an anonymous whistleblower. Moreover, without this, the war can happen.

It’s no secret that Hearn and Benn may be looking for a license outside of the UK to secure a Pay Per View match.

Conor Benn is trying to clear his name

Hearn decided against the move. Benn now intends to try to clear his name.

It must be noted that a significant portion of the British public are skeptical at this time. This trend is clear when looking at the extent of public abuse against Benn.

He faced a serious fight. But re-entering the ring can be confirmed directly unless the UKAD or WBC does not work.

A stoppage doesn’t seem to be on the cards from either of those who have the ultimate ability to fire the Londoner.

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