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WBN asked Deontay Wilder what he thought about the fight in the UK between David Haye and Tyson Fury that day.

Wilder’s thoughts make for interesting reading, considering where Fury is today as a linebacker.

Haye and Fury have signed a stacked line-up for a big clash on Sky Sports. The date has been set for September 28 at the Manchester Stadium as British fans prepare for the big event.

Weeks before the fight, Wilder was asked his opinion on how the fight would go down.

After spending time in the gym with Haye during a surprise visit in 2012, Wilder jumped for the smaller, faster former cruiserweight king to shock the six-foot-nine-inch broom.

It’s no surprise as Haye has some form of defeating the giants who oppose him. Just ask Nikolai Valuev.

Deontay Wilder on Fury vs Haye

Wilder said: “David and I always work well and work hard. No let up,” Wilder told World Boxing News exclusively when the pair enjoyed a training camp together.

“We want sparring to be more intense than fighting. David knows that I go all out. That’s why he loves me.

“If my plan matches my fight and I can be there, he knows I’m with him.

“He also knows that I will fight with everyone. I fought with Audley, and he was like a big brother to me. I want a title fight soon, and it’s nothing against that.”

Making a bold prediction, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ added: “If David fights Fury like he does when we’re working, he’ll win, and who knows?

“As I said before, I will fight anyone. This year is going to end well for me, and 2014 is going to be even bigger! “

Wilder just went up against it. The Tuscaloosa native defeated Harrison and Siarhei Liakhovich in just one round. It won’t be long before the American competes for the heavyweight title.

As for facing Haye, it was never a viable option. Haye always beats Wilder, even when he’s against Fury.

In 2020, Fury took on Wilder’s ‘0’ in fine style. He suspended the former world president for seven rounds. Can Haye handle this kind of Fury? It is very suspicious.

But then, “The Gypsy King” is far from a finished story. Fury knocked out dominant 200-pounder Steve Cunningham in April 2013.

This result will give Haye all the confidence he needs to face the big man. Unfortunately, it won’t be.

An empty guess

A week before the Fury fight, Haye was injured. This situation led to his second straight game suspension. Haye rejected a meeting with Manuel Charr earlier this year.

Rescheduled for the Fury Brit fight for February 2014, Haye injured his shoulder and required surgery.

It has been three and a half years since his last fight when he returned to play in 2016.

As for Deontay Wilder, he faced Fury in the third fight, where he lost twice and won once.

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