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She has been dubbed the Tim Tszyu of Australian women’s boxing – and now Taylah Robertson wants to become the first woman from Down Under to earn a million dollar fight purse.

Still only 24, Robertson will look to make it to the world championships later this year when she headlines the IBF bantamweight event in Brisbane on November 5.

In addition to playing against Japanese boxer Chaoz Minowa, the rising star has also registered with the stable of Australia’s first UFC champion, Robert Whittaker.

So while fellow Aussies Ebonie Bridges and Shannon O’Connell will fight for the IBF bantamweight title later this year, Robertson insists she can still be the first to claim the $1 million purse.

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Queensland professional boxer Taylah Robertson (white gloves) fights Logan-based fighter Mai Nixon.  Photo: Andrew Davies.
Queensland professional boxer Taylah Robertson (white gloves) fights Logan-based fighter Mai Nixon. Photo: Andrew Davies.Source: Brought

Asked about Tszyu’s Australian title, the Queenslander told Fox Sports Australia this week: “Like Tim, I want to be a household name for boxing in this country.

“And I know I’m not here yet.

“However, I am on the right path.

“And I feel like I was made for this.

“Since I started boxing, my goal was to become the first woman in Australia to win $1 million in boxing.

“Not in support, but fighting.

“I want to put myself in the history books.”

Boxing since the age of 10, Robertson turned pro in 2020 and has since won all but one of her seven fights – including a controversial decision to O’Connell last October .

In addition to raising two heavyweights for the fight, the fighter also received a death threat just days away from her fight against the Aussie superstar.

“At the time I was struggling at weight because there was no one in Australia my weight who would fight me,” Robertson said. “Now that we’ve gone into the top tier though – going up against international rivals – I’m not going to do it anymore.

“But at this stage I had to do it.

“And I remember before the fight, people were saying that I would get kayoed in the first round, saying that I would defend the disabled… I was even receiving death threats.

“Shannon has been trolling her fans online, calling me a dirty little rat and saying my work is a disgrace.

“I didn’t say anything.

“But then I started getting death threats in Instagram DMs.

“So for me, this fight has been about proving people wrong.”

While one judge scored 97/94 for Robertson, and the second scored 96/94, the third judge gave O’Connell the fight a margin of 99/92.

“I don’t think this judge looked at that,” Robertson said. “I remember he was actually eating during the fight.

“It’s definitely difficult to steal a fight in this situation because I’m still a novice while Shannon, she’s a big name.

“And I should do more.

“You can’t complain about a decision when it’s far and near.”

So now take Minowa (7-3) in the next title elimination?

“She’s a knockout fighter,” Robertson said of her opponent, who has earned all but one of her victories by KO.

“And while it’s hard to take in a lot of information, I know she throws a big right hand.

“She really doesn’t pull any punches.

“She sank with her whole body.

“But if we beat her, we will be a challenger for the title.” So I’m ready to go.”


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