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By Barry Holbrook: Shawn Porter says he wants Conor Benn to stay clean and admits he uses PEDS because it only makes him worse if he “opens up again.”

Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) was scheduled to be Matchroom Boxing’s biggest star in the stable until he shockingly tested positive for the suspension of the drug clomiphene, resulting in the postponement of the fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

Benn, 26, is now trying to clear his name, but he has a long way to go. His promoter Eddie Hearn spoke yesterday to Boxing Social about “steps” of the medicine he tried.

The question is whether Benn’s legal team will take the position that there is not enough clomifene in his system to make it a truly effective test?

“It’s getting more and more interesting for Conor Benn. He should just stand up and be a man and say whatever he did and he does it for all these different types of things and then let the law take its course,” Shawn Porter told Secondsout about Conor Benn.

“I think if he hides and comes out more, it only makes him look better.” Porter continued Benn’s story. “He’s kind of digging himself a hole.”

Is Conor Benn’s product contaminated?

“Obviously, they have a plan for these things because there have been many cases it was later confirmed that it was contaminated for other reasons,” Frank Smith of Matchroom Boxing told iFL TV.

“This is the system that should be followed, and it was not done here, and this is the system that is being followed now. I think all of this goes back to the UK Boxing Authority or any other appropriate body reviewing their guidelines and rules, which they will.

“At this time, they didn’t have the rules they looked at, and they made a decision three days after they knew it.

“Everything we have to do with Conor is now going through his legal process to clear his name. He and his team and independent medical advisors will continue that process now.

“It’s just about following the right plan, and in the end it’s going to be a tough time. Make up your own mind when he has it as other people have proven himself innocent. Your opinion. Everyone has their opinion without any proof.

“There is a fact that the test is valid, but it does not mean that you know everything.

“No, no, no, not like that,” Smith said when asked if the rehydration thing was just three pounds for Chris Eubank Jr after he posted a picture of himself weighing in at 160 lbs last Saturday. “It’s not three pounds, no.”

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