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For each of Nikita Tszyu’s three fights in his budding boxing career, he adopted a different style of preparation.

The first is about getting a fight, the second is about showing off his awesome power and the third is “pushing through” the “minor hiccups” he has with his health.

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Now, Tszyu (3-0, 2KO) is taking a more “strategic” approach to dealing with Darkon Dryden (4-0, 4KO) and it involves emulating one of the greatest to touch the gloves: Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

“My favorite fighter is Mayweather,” Tszyu said

“His approach to sports is hit and miss. He’s professional, and the way he talks is good. I feel when I imitate him during sparring sessions, I have this skill improvement.

“He and Jaron Ennis, who is an absolute monster in the welterweight division, Terence Crawford, these fighters are very good on their feet, they’re hard to move but they can hit you when you don’t expect to be hit.” .”

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It is definitely a different way than what Tszyu has produced before, where he wanted to imitate the style of Errol Spence Jr. where he used to “walk through people often”, but for the 24-year-old, “it’s nothing. It suits me very well.”

Instead, the youngest member of the famous boxing club is still hell-bent on “distorting someone”, but against Dryden, Tszyu wants to destroy him in a “war of thoughts”.

“When you see someone’s eyes completely lose hope and you can hear them struggling with the hatred of life, that’s the style that satisfies me the most and the style that I like the most,” said Tszyu.

“The question is whether they want to be in the ring or not. That’s the kind of thing that’s done by taking away all their tools and making things easy.”

Tszyu plans to do it to Dryden on Saturday at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, although the two have different views on how the fight will end.

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Dryden insisted on finishing Tszyu before the final bell, but the latter was rubbing his hands against the possibility of dragging the fight to the judges’ cards.

Simply because Tszyu knows his opponent has never been in “deep water”, having finished all four of his previous fights in two rounds.

Tszyu said: “He never went deep.”

“There are three rounds of candidates, this is not a problem. You can play non-stop for up to three rounds. But it’s in these later rounds that you can really start to break a man.

“When you watch the big guys do it, you’ll see the first players feel good, and then the pace starts after the last one. By the time it’s the sixth round, you’ll see that someone has already been dismantled. .

“This is something he has never faced before. I have to face it by doing it myself in my recent battle. I’m ready to take him to deep water and go fishing with him.”


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