Mahmoud Charr to Tyson Fury: “I’m hungry” | Biden News


By Craig Page: In a circus-like move, contender Mahmoud Charr used a lion to challenge WBC champion Tyson Fury to fight today.

Using the lion as an advertisement, Charr said in a video today, “the lion is hungry,” and he wants Fury to “sign the contract.”

Former WBA champion Charr (33-4, 19 KOs) was a contender briefly mentioned by Fury as a possibility for his December 3rd fight in Cardiff, Wales. However, Fury has stopped mentioning the 37-year-old Charr, and some believe that he has never been serious about fighting him.

Fury said he has several candidates for his next fight to choose from next week. He mentioned wanting to face the Southeast, well because it will help him prepare for the major league champion Oleksandr Usyk in early 2023.

Fury didn’t name names, but you have to believe he’ll be a national contender to face because the competitors are mostly fighting from the extreme.

Although journeyman Dereck Chisora ​​has been named as a possibility for Fury, he said it was “news to him” that he would go this route.

Chisora ​​is not a southpaw, and his fighting style is nothing like Usyk’s. If it’s just a matter of money for Fury, Chisora ​​would be a good choice for the British public because he has a big name in England. In America, Chisora ​​is not a household name, and it would be a waste of time for Fury to face him.

“We have had a number of opposition members. I can’t leave much of the bag because we have a press conference next week. There are a few in the hat, and we’ll pick one,” Tyson Fury told Behind The Gloves about his December opponent. “I think this next week.

“Anyone who works hard will have a fight. He who does a ridiculous thing will not get a fight. I vote for these mother f****ers. I give them a little payday. I win more millionaires than lotto. These days anyway. It’s not always like that,” said Fury.

You could argue that Charr going lion would be “ridiculous” to fight Fury, but you never know.


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