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By Vince Writer: Featherweight contender Mauricio Lara made his return to the squared circle on October 22 as part of the DAZN main event in his hometown of Mexico City, and he looked very interesting as he knocked out Jose Sanmartin (33-6- 1, 21 KOs) in the third round.

In his previous fight in March 2022, Lara faced Emilio Sanchez. In the third round, Lara landed a barrage of punches that produced a buzzer-style takedown with two lefts left to go in the round.

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After his impressive win, Lara was given the chance to fight WBA (Regular) featherweight champion Leigh Wood, but unfortunately, the fight was canceled after Wood was injured in training camp.

Instead of fighting for the WBA (Regular) title in September, Lara was rescheduled to fight a month later in a rematch against Jose Sanmartin.

Before the fight, Lara predicted that the match would not go beyond four rounds. During the first round of the fight, Lara is working off the jab and making early investments to the body of his opponent. Sanmartin was coming with a big guard and applying pressure, but he didn’t make any significant shots during the opening round.

The second round saw Lara continue to touch the body, and he was also able to get down a bit. In the third round, Lara landed a big right hand that defeated Jose Sanmartin. Sanmartin was able to get up and continue, but seconds later Lara finished him off with a big left hook to the head.

Mauricio Lara (25-2-1, 18 KOs) took care of business in front of his hometown fans, and now he wants to take care of some unfinished business. During his post-fight interview, he named Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington as the two opponents he wanted to face in the ring.

“I love them both. Warrington became something of a mystery, and for Wood, he had no right to call himself a champion. He said he was injured, but I saw it on Instagram, and it seems that it is not true.

Lara hasn’t shared the ring with Wood yet, but he has already faced Josh Warrington on two separate occasions. In the first fight, Lara scored a ninth-round victory over Warrington, and the second fight ended with a technical breakthrough, as a result of an unintended blow, which opened a severe cut over Lara’s left eye. the third round of the match.

Mauricio Lara wants to fight Leigh Wood to get the title back in Mexico City. However, he also wants a third shot at Josh Warrington. If he were to choose one of the two for his next bout, he would prefer to take care of unfinished business with Warrington.

“I want to face Josh Warrington. It’s a personal thing, and I want to retire him from boxing.”


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