Jake Paul says he could do a WWE match with Tyson Fury but a fight with Vidal Riley would be ‘super interesting’ | Boxing news | Biden News


Social media celebrity, Jake Paul, has braved his first boxing match, but he opened the fight against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

After wearing a fat shirt to cheer and call out Fury on camera, Paul said Sky Sports“Maybe a wrestling event, maybe we’ll go to WWE.

“I definitely want to take out his younger brother, Tommy. I think it’s still a big fight and there’s unfinished business.”

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Tyson Fury will release his first single, a rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ to raise money for Talk Club, a men’s mental health group and wants to ‘kill the stigma’ around men’s mental health.

Paul is boxing although he has opponents from other sports such as MMA. To finally get the truth he has to clash with someone with boxing history.

Viddal Riley would fit the bill. At cruiserweight, Riley has a similar number of pro bouts to Paul, but he has a fan base that Paul doesn’t. He has previously coached Youtuber KSI and built his own social networks.

Paul intended for him to compete in the future. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Paul said Sky Sports. “I’m talking about the possibility of a fight with Viddal, I think it’s very interesting, especially because he is KSI’s trainer and the story between KSI and I. But KSI will never step in the ring with me .

“Can [KSI] Paul went on to say, he doesn’t take it seriously. So I think it would be funny to prove to the world that I beat his trainer better than KSI. I think it’s definitely a possibility.

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Jake Paul said he would love to beat KSI by taking on his former coach Viddal Riley, asserting that he can beat both of them.

“It means a lot. I think we have such a record. I think the boxing world will laugh: ‘you’re going to lose.’ I know I’m going to win, that’s what’s going to be good about the fight.

“If we can find the business side of it, if we can find media partners who are interested in that, then I think it’s a great fight.”

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Viddal Riley knocked out Jone Volau with a powerful left hand in the first round of their cruiserweight bout.

He did though he believed he would gain some respect if he won the fight against Anderson Silva. A former UFC fighter, Silva is 47 years old but has defeated boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“It’s very dangerous, the guy hasn’t left the gym, he’s on the KO river. He’s a great player and so I can’t take him lightly, he’s more experienced than me. Although at this age he can procrastination. He’s down or whatever, he has all the skills that I don’t have,” Paul said. “I’m not looking down on him but I think I’m going to win.

“People will really get to my level of art and the truth will slap them in the face. But for me it’s my whole truth. Tell me.”

He went on to say that some professional boxers in the past were hesitant to enter the ring with him. “They know if they get hit with that right hand they’re going to be turned into the biggest meme on the internet. So they just don’t want to take that risk when it comes down to it,” Paul said.

“Losing for me is probably the worst fighter to lose in the world.”

Jake Paul
Paul insists that his commitment to boxing is true

He insists that his dedication to boxing is true. “It changed me for the better, it helped me grow. It helped me find out who I really am,” Paul said.

“I fell in love with it and now it’s my passion. You need passion in life and you need to move forward in life. If it’s not those two things, people go crazy. And I feel like I’ve really found my calling now.”

As a newcomer to boxing, the Youtuber is criticized. But he considered that he was showing others in the sport how to improve yourself.

“I think people are really mad at themselves. They’re not mad at me, they’re taking it out on me because they’re mad at themselves,” Paul said.

“I do what I want, where I want with every fight and that freedom is amazing. I want to be a role model to show other fighters how to do it.

“They just get mad at me for that. You should be doing what I’m doing, working, doing social media. People are mad that I ‘rushed’ to the top. No, I didn’t. five years straight growing my brand, growing my business, growing my personal growth, growing my Tik Tok.

He added, “That’s why you’re angry with me, but in fact, I’ve been working harder than you. People have forgotten that I’m an athlete.” “I was an all-state wrestler…I’m from Ohio where everything is earned and nothing is given!”


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