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Geekom Mini IT8 Review: Portable And Versatile

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The main thing missing in this mini computer is audio. There are no built-in speakers, but there is a headphone jack, so if you want to hear what you’re doing, you’ll need headphones or (in my case) Bluetooth speakers. That’s not surprising in a computer where space is at a premium and if I’m being completely honest, even if Geekom threw in some tiny, tiny speaker, I probably made that up too, so overall, Geekom made the right choice. here.

The computer is powered by a typical brick-on-string power transformer with a barrel plug. It’s not particularly large, which lends to being a portable aspect of the computer, which I like. Speaking of portability, the mini PC also comes with a carrying case. I understand; this computer is super light and portable, for sure. But I’m not sure I know what kind of person will carry this computer in a fake velvet bag.

That’s the part about minicomputers that I personally never understood. Yes, they are portable, but only if you’re going somewhere with a monitor, mouse and keyboard ready to go. That’s certainly not part of my workflow, but I can imagine there are some occupations where this is a valuable addition. Plus, the fact that Geekom packs so much power into a box and then basically dares you to throw it in your bag just commands respect.


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