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Conor McGregor is pumping steel to the point where he can fight former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. in boxing.

The Irishman has set the bar high for his new film role in the remake of Patrick Swayze’s ‘Roadhouse’.

McGregor said he weighs about 265 pounds with a straight face when speaking on social media live.

Despite looking over 190 pounds, McGregor seems to be packing on the muscle to get into character.

“The Notorious,” he said: “265, weight in the bank!” – Despite being only five feet seven inches tall.

If he weighs 265 kilograms, there is no chance that he will be able to fight again in the first quarter of 2023. To start, he needs six months of drug testing.

Second, McGregor will need to lose about a hundred pounds in weight. Doing more would make McGregor’s statement clearer.

Andy Ruiz Jr.

Andy Ruiz Jr. reached 268 pounds in his fight against Luis Ortiz. That’s where her similarities end.

Speaking of food, Disney child actor Jake Paul revealed his plans to face McGregor’s former partner, Anderson Silva.

Paul said: “Breakfast was just an omelette with just one piece of toast. Sometimes I’ll skip lunch. I am not a big person.

“It makes me tired, and that makes me lose weight. I will usually have a snack with fruit, and the snack is high in fiber protein bars.

Dinner is chicken or steak with quinoa or quinoa with fish. Not too many carbohydrates.

“So it was tough to get my diet down to 187, but we wanted to get it right where I could wake up in the morning and weigh myself and have pasta if I wanted to.

“I can go to 175 next week if I want to cut weight for MMA.

“But we cut the weight in advance, so I never sit in the sauna and the steam room, and my weight is the same.”


On his daily routine, the YouTuber added: “Sleep a lot. I usually wake up around 1 a.m. We train a lot at night, and we spar at night. We are trying to simulate a fight night.

“Wake up and do some exercises at night when I’m not sparring. This could be mitts, shadow boxing, then we do abs and go jogging or weight training.

“Then he’s recovering, and I have a therapist. I get into a bright bed. Then I come home, drink some protein, and get in the ice bath.

“Then turn the hot water into an ice bath. That gives me an instant charge.”

Maybe the vlogger can give McGregor some advice?

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