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Keyboard heroes, you don’t just hate them! How many trolls out there, they seem to have nothing better to do than criticize a professional boxer, a man they could never keep up with in the gym, let alone in the ring, in years million. We’ve seen what Deontay Wilder has done after going after such a button star, and while former champion George Kambosos Jr. didn’t go as far as Wilder did, he naturally broke his rules. by not letting the internet get a response. of him.

Kambosos, who is coming off a two-decision loss to the talented Devin Haney, has understandably been criticized by a “fan” that was thrown at him on Instagram.

“Piss off mate really never seen anyone lose twice (and) still act like the winner must be a Greek thing,” said the Troll, his photo attached to the message.

Kambosos, who has Greek roots, shot back.

“I rarely respond to keyboard warriors but for you I do!” It was written by Kambosos. “Don’t you own a mirror because of what you’re looking at, you’re wasting every minute of the day. I went 36 rounds with two top-10 pound-for-pound fighters while you’re gassing up from walking away from your TV to your fridge. Poor guy can see why you’re bitter, you haven’t seen a drop in 42 years. I hate to make you feel bad but sometimes people like you need to be held accountable for talking to professional fighters… who hold every belt in boxing. However, I am planning to go running, something that I advise you to do for your health. Hopefully this message will make you change your lifestyle.”


Kambosos, like any fighter who deserves to step into the ring, certainly deserves respect, and this guy, whoever he is, clearly needs to be reminded of that. For most fight fans there is nothing worse than a shameless button fighter, a person who enjoys insulting fighters. It was good for Kambosos to put this man firmly in his place.

Kambosos, one of the fighters who worked hard for him in the gym, said that he can and will become a world champion again, that Haney’s loss does not mean the end.

“I’m a big name in boxing, I show the same warrior spirit as the big guys,” said Kambosos. “They give their all. You lose, then, and you go backwards. So I will be champion again, this is not the end.”

Let’s see if Kambosos can become a two-time champion. Whether he can or not, Kambosos has made it clear that he is not a person who insults and insults the health of the button.

George Kambosos Jr Goes Into Keyboard Hero, Shuts It Down


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