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By Craig Daly: Deontay Wilder hopes to win a title shot against IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk if he defeats Robert Helenius this Saturday night. Usyk wants to fight Wilder if his fight with WBC champion Tyson Fury does not happen in February or March.

In the end, whether Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) gets a shot with Usyk will come down to how things pan out with the Usyk-Fury proposal.

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If Fury starts giving Usyk a deadline to sign the fight contract before his agency has time to review what’s written, we could see the IBF, WBA and WBO champion continue to face Wilder in the first round. 2023.

Usyk will not be able to endure a repeat of Fury’s grudge match that Joshua suffered when he attempted to fight the impatient 6’9″ champion.

Considering how Fury wants to fight Usyk, Wilder’s chances of winning against him are slim. It looks like Wilder will face Andy Ruiz Jr next unless Anthony Joshua shows interest in fighting him.

“Many people have told me many things about wanting to fight, but when the time came, they went a different way. I asked about Oleksandr Usyk, and I was told that he is a man of his word.. If I win, we’ll see what happens,” said Deontay Wilder about the possibility of winning the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles against Oleksandr Usyk if he wins on Saturday night.

“It’s a big deal for him, and the position he’s in after this fight,” Deontay told Power Club 105.1 about Robert Helenius. “If he wins, it will be mandatory for Usyk.

“This is the elimination of the WBC. Not one of us [can fight Usyk next]. For him, it is necessary for a belt [WBA] that he has. Usyk will also be in the audience. He said he wants whoever wins this battle.

“So the next fight could be for the title, especially if Usyk is a man of his word, which I know a couple of people who are close to him and know him. They’ve promoted him, so we’ll see what he does.” happen,

“My friend Robert, he has never been in this position. His dream is always to become a champion in his country. So this is a great opportunity for him.

“He’s also a long-time partner, so we know each other very well. The thing is, this is where it counts. Everyone brings their A+ game when they fight me, for sure.

“What I am with him is, I hope he does justice. Most of these people, when they reach a certain place, they also like to cheat and do other things with everything. There are many products here that cannot be identified.

“The drug game and the people who discover it, are always behind because there is always something being created. We will see what happens. I look forward to this fight; it will be an amazing fight. Even though he was my roommate when I got in the ring, I turned him on,” said Wilder.

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