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Ten years later, Claressa Shields avenged one spot on her former lover when she claimed a unanimous points decision over Savannah Marshall in a grueling fight at the O2 in London, once again becoming the middleweight champion of the world. .

The shields fought at an incredible pace, building up a huge lead in the first half of the fight as she repeatedly beat Marshall indirectly and burst out hard.

Marshall – who beat the two-time Olympic champion at the World Championships in China in 2012 in their only previous meeting – went all out and tried everything, bravely trying to force Shields back. . But Marshall’s successes were fleeting, as Shields often returned fire, even in the final rounds when she began to tire.

Two judges got it 97-93, and the third had 96-94. And while the Shields looked briefly at the announcement of “the new uncertainty‚Ķ.” It is done, there should not be much doubt about it.

Whether it’s in the contract or not, however, a rematch is definitely on the cards after the exciting fight. He showed the benefit of having ten rounds, of two minutes, because it allowed both men to fight hard for the fight. It must be doubted that the tempo can be maintained for more than a three-minute round.

It’s a quick start with both of them, The Shields coming down with a vicious attack of two hands off the ropes as Marshall takes her back and she goes down well again as she fights out of the corner.

Marshall went after Shields early in the second, landing two big rights with Shields back on the ropes, but the American took over in the second half of the round, landing with short hooks and throwing combinations and this design she continued in the third. round, as Marshall didn’t use her jab but loaded up a lot, giving Shields a chance to beat her with punches.

Shields was fighting fast, throwing punches with both hands as Marshall went forward and one left hook at the end of the fourth looked like Marshall.

There was no let up in the fifth round, and while Marshall had some success when she found room to land a right, Shields looked good and responded, driving home a left hook to the body and then come down with someone on the bell. .

In the sixth round, Marshall pinned Shields in the corner, landing a right hook and a left hook that forced Shields to hold for the first time, but Shields came back into action in the dying seconds.

As Marshall handles Shields’ bludgeon, the American punches so well that you can hear it from ringside. The shields were weak in the seventh, following Marshall when she caught her and pressed her advantage.

Marshall tried hard to turn things around in the eighth round, but Shields was beating her to the punch. At one point when the American went to a corner, she put her tongue in Marshall, and when the British boxer saw a big plane pass the Shield, she didn’t stop throwing.

She gathered and went Marshall’s way with great effort, as she continued to push the Shield back. There were signs that The Shields might be getting more tired in the final round, as Marshall came out full, but the finish was always going to be exciting, as The Shields landed heavy hooks to the head, while Marshall landed punches. two good ones right. bell.

Ron Lewis is a senior writer for BoxingScene. He was The Times’ Boxing Correspondent, where he worked from 2001-2019 – covering four Olympic Games and numerous world title fights around the world. He has written about boxing for various publications around the world since the 1980s.


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