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SURGICALIgos singer Takeoff was shot on Tuesday during a fight at a Houston basketball arena, and Jake Paul sent a message to young people to put down their guns.

Paulwho is slowly improving his boxing skills and earned his sixth professional victory on Saturday by defeating UFC legend Anderson Silva, responded to the news by tweeting: “The killing needs to stop. mind…put down the guns and pick up the boxing gloves to settle your differences, violence is not the solution.”

Paul is flying in boxing

The 25-year-old is expected to be ranked in the coming days, and he spoke to The MMA Hour after rumors that his win over Silva was rigged and disrespectful. it’s not since he became a professional. boxer.

“It’s amazing because I worked so hard for this. I sacrificed everything,” he said.

“Sacrifice everything, every day, smash my balls, have a team of 15 people working around the clock to help me become a better boxer, and if I do something like beating Anderson Silva, then they should try to take it away from me.

“But, I know deep down, and I think that’s really important.”

GSP on Paul’s side

UFC news Georges St-Pierrewho worked as a commentator for the Paul vs Silva fight, has praise for both, but especially for the young YouTuber.”

“I was very impressed Jake Paulthe job,” he said.

“He showed again that he has made a lot of progress since his last fight, he showed a lot of discipline, he didn’t fall. Anderson Silva‘ a trick of the mind.

“He’s not just a headhunter, he sets up his own shots with a lot of good body shots, and he’s displayed good defense and a compact form. It’s an amazing game.”


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