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Conor McGregor he has been given the chance, albeit a distant one, to return to boxing and compete in the World Boxing Championship although the Irishman is not expected to compete for six months, as he is not in the Board’s probationary period. Anti-Doping by the United States. .

Boxers who leave the pool must be enrolled in an annual testing program for six months before competing, unless they are granted an exemption, although they will test negative twice before doing so.

In addition, McGregor He is still recovering from a broken leg in his last fight with him Dustin Poirier in the UFC.

Currently, the Irish fighter is filming the remake of Road House, something that keeps him busy and focused as he revealed on social media.

“There is no one in Hollywood with the talent or ability to do what I do in this movie “the roadhouse” Box Office records. Awards,” he wrote on Twitter.

Boxing came knocking McGregorthe door in an unexpected way. The Irishman was offered to take it Dennis Hogan for the IBO middleweight title, which Spike O’Sullivan is the original he also likes to fight.

“We talked to both of them Increase same to you Conorteam,” Hogan‘s manager Steve Scanlan he told

IncreaseThe team will move up and down to make this fight, so the fight is easier to happen but we are working through everything.”

Losing to Mayweather

It should be noted that McGregor he is under contract to the UFC, which has two more fights agreed upon when he returns. However, Scanlan does not eliminate the ongoing war.

“If we don’t fight Conorwhich is obviously a long shot, but crazy things happen, then we will be 100 percent fighting. Increase in Ireland,” he said.

If McGregor If he accepts this offer, he will go back to boxing after a fight with him Floyd Mayweatherwhere he lost in 2017, when the American decided to retire.


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