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By Allan Fox: Anthony Dirrell believes David Benavidez will be too quick for Caleb Shuka when/if the two meet in the future. Dirrell (34-3-2, 25 KOs) said he expects Benavidez vs. Plant the war will go a full 12 rounds away, and it can be accurate.

Dirrell said he sees the fight as a yes “one sided” a factor that favors Benavidez because of his hand speed.

Dirrell was knocked out in the ninth round by Plant on October 15 on the card of Deontay Wilder and Robert Helenius. With the Plant

The way Shuka (22-1, 13 KOs) was told in his first-ever fight against Dirrell at the shelter on October 15th, it will be difficult for Benavidez to score a knockout the way Canelo Alvarez did.

Benavidez will need to walk Plant the entire fight to get a shot to take him out because otherwise, he will continue to back away like he did with Dirrell.

“Both of them are very good fighters. I think David brings a little bit to the table,” said Anthony Dirrell to ESNEWS when asked about his thoughts on a possible fight between Caleb Plant and David Benavidez.

“I think David sometimes has a problem with boxers, people who move and don’t have a problem. But I think David’s hands are very fast, and he has a certain punch to his punches. I think that will be the one to beat Caleb.

“It’s going to be a hell of a fight. I don’t think he stopped Calebbut I think it will be a one-sided fight because of him [Benavidez] quickly and quickly with the speed of his hand.

“I can’t be angry about things like this. It’s still fun. We’re getting paid to entertain people,” Dirrell said of his failure with Plant. “This is not my real life. This is for entertainment.

“No matter what people say, I will continue with my life. Boxing was only a few years old. What I do from there is what matters,” Dirrell said.

“I don’t have anything personal about Caleb Plant, but I’m 38 years old, I have to do what I have to do. I have to talk s*** to get him to join me to make him he fought me.

“It’s fun. We entertain people and sell tickets. If I did not do what I did, then our war would not be so famous. I don’t know anything about Caleb. He’s a hell of a person, but I have to get everyone involved.

“But in the fight, I boxed very well. I don’t think I can box that well, but you know, punch and box, he boxed well. He doesn’t want to join. I think he will talk more, true, like when he fought [Jose] Uzcategui, but he did not.

“We are going back and forth. I think it was a close fight. It’s a game of chess, but I’m coming in the next round for sure. He caught me with a good shot. Well. I have never felt so vulnerable.

“I saw him [the replay of the knockout]. It was right on the cheek. I can’t stay away from anything like that. In fact, it is right on the chin. It’s been shooting in the air, that’s why I don’t have a headache or brain because it’s actually on my stomach.

“I’m down, and your legs are giving out. If you hit somebody on the stump like that, they’re going to go down, period. I mean, you’ve got to have a piece of rock not to go down from that.

“We were throwing the hook at the same time, and his got there before mine. He is a fighter, and he did what he had to do to be sure.

I thought it was borderline rude, but after everything that went on, I don’t feel bad about doing it,” Dirrell said of Plant’s celebration as it was printed on canvas. You get a walking crowd, and it’s in the moment.

“If it was me, I would probably have gone into the crowd and didn’t act like I was throwing trash at someone because you don’t know what the person is like. You don’t want to physically harm someone like that, kill them or do other things where they are permanently injured.

“But I think that if something had happened, he would have felt regret and regret, what he did. Like I said, boxing is a fighting sport. Like I said before, it’s fun. I have no ill will against Caleb.

“I am the only one fighting. Who would want to fight a 38-year-old? It is a loss situation like this. If you beat the 38-year-old guy or if I beat him, it’s a loss for them.

“I shook his hand in the back, and then we left. Of course, it’s a fighting game. This is what we are saying. We go into the ring knowing what we’re going to get into there. We’re going in there to go to war, no matter how you look at it.

“He knows what’s in front of him, period. He knew I was a threat coming into the ring, and I think I embraced my presence, especially in the ring, the whole fight. I beat him the whole fight. But like I said, that shot changed everything,” Dirrell said.

It was interesting to hear Plant tell the press after the fight that the competition was closed to him because it didn’t reflect the reality of what happened in the ring.

It was close for eight rounds, with Dirrell pinning Plant, hitting him with shots, and following him around the ring the entire fight. Plant is giving up a lot less than his previous fights, perhaps protecting his chin because of what happened to him against Canelo Alvarez.

Dirrell mentioned before the fight that one of his campmates fired Plant. If that is true, it could explain why he retreated throughout the war. Even Plant scored a free kick.

If Plant is going to fight like this against Benavidez, he will probably lose. He can’t win against Benavidez by running around the ring, play it safe. Also, he won’t score on the clock like he did with Dirrell trying to take out Benavidez.

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