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Your ‘drive has to trump talent,’ says rapper and businessman Lethal Bizzle, who gave advice to talent at the recent Youth Music Awards.

The annual event celebrates the next generation of trailblazers across the industry, from artists and entrepreneurs to grassroots projects and young leaders.

Bijl said it took some time for him to reach the current peak of his journey which spanned two decades, but his mother gave him great advice early in his career.

“As an artist there will be times where you feel it’s not worth it, but I always say drive has to trump talent – organizations like Youth Music help you persevere.”

He added: “My mother always said it’s not a marathon sprint, as an artist when you think it’s not working but you’re preparing for the destination, your drive has to outstrip your talent.

“I’ve been in the game for over 20 years as an artiste and we haven’t had anything like this (Youth Music Awards) but things like this give you motivation to keep going.

“Being an artist is tough, especially when you’re trying to get out there, things like the Youth Music Awards give you the chance to perform in a venue like Troxy and be heard and supported, it’s amazing to see.”

Rapper, dancer and viral TikTok sensation Drea Mack showed her support for the next generation of music stars with a mesmerizing performance to close the show at this year’s Youth Music Awards.

The BRIT School alumnus, loved by Rihanna and Kehlani and known for the track ‘Own Brand Freestyle’, which went viral on TikTok, shared some thoughts on his epic rise to fame.

Talking about the pressure to succeed after going viral, Drea said, “After a viral moment, I think people just expect hits.

“So as long as you want longevity, focus on the music rather than the moment because even when we dropped our track last year, I didn’t want to go away and throw away my projects later.

“I wanted to literally develop it, maybe get the viral moment to get the platform and then build on that because the people who were actually your fans aren’t there just for the hype.”

He added: “When you find your hype and those viral moments people look at your artistry and they look at your wordplay, how you flow, and people will humble themselves and become your fans, so find out what your fans want. Figure out what you want, and if it lines up, go from there.”

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