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It’s no secret Jack Bryan He went from being a good okey, composing music and playing for his buddies in the Navy, to becoming a global sensation in just a few years.

It seems like yesterday when videos of him playing the OG hit started making rounds on social media “condemned” on a guitar, and nobody knew who the guy was, and now it’s hard to find a fan of any genre who doesn’t know the name.

Needless to say, music has taken Brian to places he probably never dreamed of, and one of those places…

Just might be the Grammys.

After the 350+ pages of first ballot voting closed yesterday, the nominees will be revealed on November 15th.

and according to diversity, The Man is a pioneer Finn in both the country and Americana categories, as “Something in the Orange” is up for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song, and “Heavy Eyes” is up for Best Americana Performance.

American Heartbreak Country music can see a Best Album nomination and it gets better.

They shared:

“He’s seen as a mainstream country artist with a singer-songwriter bent toward Americana, and that’s reflected in the collection. “Something in the Orange” is up for Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song, while “Heavy Eyes” is up for Best Americana Performance.

As for the album itself, “American Heartbreak” landed in the country. Needless to say, for anyone following his trajectory, he would be a leading candidate for Best New Artist outside of the genre category.”

Anyone with eyes probably knew it was inevitable at some point, but when it comes to country music awards, you can never count on the powers that be, including industry voters, to get it right… the track record isn’t exactly good.

That being said, Zach is too big to ignore right now, and considering the guy has only toured once, and has only one major label studio album to his name. american heartbreak, It’s still pretty wild.

And perhaps the best part? Jack probably couldn’t care less about winning a Grammy… stay humble, homie.

But if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard “Something Orange” and “Heavy Eyes,” do yourself a favor now:

Some of the oranges:

heavy eyes:


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