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The South has produced some of the world’s greatest musical artists, and Louisiana native Clayton McBroom is no exception. McBroom has received several nominations at the Josie Music Awards and is gearing up to once again show his grit to Nashville.

Born in Longview, Texas, McBroom found his passion for music in his teens.

“I actually started my career in 2017 or 2018, I really got into it,” McBroom said. “I was about 18 and decided to see how far I could take it.”

McBroom set out to make a name for himself and found his musical inspiration in another family musician, his grandfather.

“He had a band in Alaska a long time ago. They went back to Louisiana and played for the Louisiana Hayrides,” said McBroom of his grandfather.

After diving into music, McBroom soon found himself meeting famous artists and making important connections, leading him to where he is today with three nominations at the 8th annual ceremony. Josie Music Awards Nashville, TN. McBroom was nominated for Traditional Country Vocalist of the Year and Fan’s Choice Award for Traditional Country Song of the Year for her song “Echoes of Love”.

“It’s the largest independent award show in the world and they have it at the Grand Ole Opry House this year,” McBroom said.

McBroom has previously graced the Josie Music Awards, being named Male Rising Star Vocalist in 2019 and Modern Country Song of the Year in 2020 for “If Anyone Will Listen,” a suicide-awareness-themed song.

The Josie Music Awards Performed on Sundays. However, Nashville is hosting a collection of events for the inaugural JMA Fest starting Saturday. McBroom will appear Saturday at 1:30 p.m. and perform for JMA Fest in the vocal competition.

When asked what he would play, McBroom laughed and said, “It’s got a kind of funny name. Me and my friend Matt co-wrote the song. It’s called ‘Beer Can at a Red Light’. When people hear the song, they will love it!

If she makes it to the finals, McBroom plans to perform her own rendition of Keith Wheatley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

McBroom has garnered a lot of support from local fans who wish him success.

Although the awards won’t be streamed, fans can still cheer him on and show support by watching him on ReverbNation and YouTube.

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