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I graduated from BHMS. I am interested in teaching and not in practicing Homeopathy. Can you suggest a course other than MD(Hom) to help me teach?

Vijaya Sudarshan

Dear Vijaya,

Teaching can be a very fulfilling vocation if you are truly passionate about giving young people a better future. Identify which age group you want to teach. The range is very wide – kindergarten (pre-school), Montessori, elementary, junior high or high school, PUC students, children with special needs or disabilities, etc. If possible, spend time at the institution you are aiming for. Then, if you are willing to commit to studying full-time for several years, you can take a B.Ed., D.Ed., Montessori, B.Spl.Ed. or Creative Teaching courses. Since you have studied medicine, you can also choose to become a Life Skills Coach for example teaching girls about adolescence, menstrual hygiene, relationships, etc. Make sure that you are fully knowledgeable and committed before you take the plunge. If you wish, you can even do an internship for a year and get exposure to the type of education in the sector of your choice, and then move on.


I am a BBM graduate, I would like to know what are the career prospects in my discipline and the course or degree (except MBA) I qualify, along with the job or occupation. In addition, I also want to improve skills. Please suggest a suitable career choice — the institute, location, and scope that will support my stream.

Wasiya Navy

Dear Wasiya,

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) has provided you with a foundation for a wide range of commercial activities. Review the subjects you enjoy and are good at. For example marketing, product development, human resources, financial management, systems, organizational behavior, etc. Therefore, take an entry-level job in that field, Once you are sure you want to go further down the path, you can choose a postgraduate program (online or part time) that helps you specialize in it instead of a general MBA. That way, you can survey which institutions are the best.


Many of my friends are taking additional online training in coding from private companies. Do they really help, do they really teach coding? How useful is it if I want a career in coding?


Dear Nitesh,

Not everyone is inclined or has a knack for coding. Only if you have decided that you are going to work in computer science, programming, etc., then it might be worth taking such training. Otherwise, keep all options open, whenever possible learn different skills and do a variety of short-term courses that don’t interfere with your regular studies, and then narrow down your career goals.


What is a good and safe and innovative option in engineering?


Dear Likita,

In a fast-changing world, nothing is ‘safe’ or good in the long run. It completely depends on your talents, abilities, personality traits and interests. The scope of any branch can change many times in your 40-50 years of working life. Choose a course based on your skills.


Are there different types of veterinary courses? If so, which one keeps exotic animals like tigers, lions or cats? How should I prepare for it?


Dear Bhoomi,

In India, you must first take the basic 4-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc.) course which prepares you to become a doctor for all categories of animals. Then you can go abroad if you wish and specialize in the care of a particular animal or wildlife.


I am now in Grade 7. I would like to enter the paramedic profession, such as operating machine bypass surgery. Is there a name for this? And how to get into it? What universities have this course in Bangalore?


Dear Afreen,

Don’t rush to narrow down your career goals until you come to Class 10. Your interests may change over the next three years. There are many paramedical programs offered as three-four-year undergraduate degrees. BSc Operations Theater Technology is one of them. Many colleges in Bengaluru offer this course, and you can make your choice when you come to Class 12.


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