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Pursuing an MBA from Canada can be a life-changing opportunity for students. With more than analyzing spreadsheets and creating business reports, it aims to develop the skills necessary to tackle the problems of the dynamic business world. Canada as a country offers a number of MBA programs and has 9 universities that are ranked among the top 150 MBA universities according to the QS Rankings.

As per the QS MBA Rating, the total course fee for a tier-1 business school in Canada like the Rotman School of Management costs around CAD 131,120. However, a tier-2 university like John Molson School of Business costs around 41,500 CAD. An Indian student wishing to study in Canada can expect a budget of between 60 lakh to 80 lakh for a Tier-1 university and 10 lakh to 40 lakh for a tier 2 university.

Over the span of 10 years, the number of immigrants to Canada has increased from 122,660 to 530,540, marking an average percentage growth of 23%. Compared to other countries, pursuing an MBA in Canada is a great choice as it offers the candidates a world-class education, access to the best learning resources, a high standard of living, cultural exposure and much more. .

Benefits of Pursuing an MBA in Canada

Pursuing an MBA in Canada opens up many opportunities and employment opportunities for both domestic and international students. From on-campus training to internships, students are placed under a variety of situations that improvise one’s overall growth. Therefore, MBA as a degree comes with many benefits and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Simple and easy visa and admission process, especially for Indians.
  • Earn an internationally recognized degree at an affordable cost. Take advantage of various scholarships.
  • Access to key internship programs with recognized MNCs allows one to gain detailed insight into industry practice.
  • Improving living standards in a country that values ​​diversity makes for a rich and comfortable experience.
  • The Canadian government provides health insurance for students which allows timely treatment of students during any health issues.
  • International students are eligible to work in Canada under a postgraduate work permit upon completion of their MBA. This provides an opportunity to apply for a permanent residence permit at a later date.
  • MBA degrees in Canada are considered among the top ten highest-paying graduate subjects.

Types of MBA Programs in Canada

Students who wish to pursue an MBA from a reputable college/educational institution can choose from Part-time, Full-time, and Executive MBA programs.

Full Time MBA: This is a two year course where candidates have the option of studying full time. This course is best for students who can give full time to study. Scores obtained in language proficiency tests and the GMAT are required for admission to a full-time MBA course in Canada.

Part Time MBA: The Part Time MBA has a longer duration compared to the Full Time MBA course. For working professionals, this course is more suitable because they can complete their degree along with work. The minimum duration of the course is approximately 3 and the maximum duration is 6 years.

International MBA (IMBA): IMBA duration is approximately 20 to 28 months. Here, foreign students are exposed to global experiences through an integrated curriculum, global courses, international field studies, and many other modes.

Executive MBA: Along with classroom experience, candidates who wish to gain practical knowledge of the company can study the Executive MBA. This is a 13 month course and results in both professional and personal growth. For admission to the Executive MBA program in Canada, candidates must have at least 8 to 10 years of previous work experience.

Apart from this course, foreign students can pursue joint MBA degrees such as a combination of engineering, law, pharmacy, with global affairs and a double degree in Canada.

Requirements to Study MBA in Canada

Each university has its own requirements. However, some general eligibility requirements are mentioned below,

  • Bachelor: Candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution/university.
  • English Proficiency: For international students, an English Proficiency test is required for admission. In order to gain admission, candidates must obtain a good score in TOEFL or IELTS.
  • GMAT or GRE scores: To pursue an MBA in Canada at the best colleges/universities, good grades in the GMAT are required. GRE scores are also accepted by some universities/colleges.
  • Work experience: Priority will be given to candidates with previous work experience. It is not mandatory.

Application Process to Study MBA in Canada

Students wishing to study in Canada should know that the application process is quite lengthy. Therefore, candidates are required to apply at least 15 to 18 months before the target session starts. Candidates can get the application form on the official college/university website. Hence, the documents required for obtaining MBA admission in Canada are mentioned below:

  • Academic records.
  • Standardized test in Canada.
  • Financial documents and bank statements.
  • Work experience.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose for Canada.
  • Visa documents.

MBA Course Fees in Canada

On average, the tuition fee to pursue an MBA in Canada is around CAD 40,000 to CAD 120,000 (23-70 lakh) at top universities. Compared to other top countries for studying abroad, the cost of studying in Canada is affordable.

If you are planning to study at a top business college in Canada then it will cost you around 40,500 CAD to 131,120 CAD. Whereas the tuition fee for a B grade secondary school will range from 25,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD (15-23 lakh). Therefore, some of the top colleges/universities in Canada with costs and duration are given below

School name B

University Name

Program Duration

Total Tuition Fee (CAD)

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto

2 years


Desautels . School of Management

McGill University

2 years


Ivey Business School

University of Western Ontario

1 year


Schulich Business School

York University

1 year


Smith Business School

Queen’s University

1 year


Sister Business School

University of British Columbia

16 months


John Molson School of Business

Concordia University

16 months


Alberta Business School

University of Alberta

2 years


Beedie Business School

Simon Fraser Universitas University

16 months


Cost of Living In Canada

The cost of living in Canada includes various expenses such as transportation, accommodation, personal expenses, etc. The cost of living varies by city and ranges from CAD 1900 to CAD 2,400 per month including accommodation costs. The costs and types of expenses that students should know about are given in the table below:

Fee Type

Cost (CAD)


1300 to 3500

Books and Materials


Food and Drink

200 to 800


100 to 210





Other related costs

100 to 210

MBA Coverage in Canada

MBA graduates are the highest paid in the world and upon completion there are a number of opportunities across a wide range of sectors. IT, Health industry, consulting, accounting education, legal work, etc, are some of the opportunities that one can get after an MBA. In addition, MBA graduates can work in various Canadian government departments and also help run effective administration. In addition, management graduates can work in sales, technical management, product management, and product marketing.

Graduates with an MBA who complete a two-year master’s degree program from a Canadian university can obtain a 3-year work permit to work in Canada and can earn an average salary of CAD 88,000 to CAD 98,000 annually.

MBA Salaries in Canada

Earning an MBA from Canada, can open up a variety of job opportunities. Graduates can choose between Canadian SMEs, start-ups, and top MNC jobs. Some of the popular MBA degrees in Canada with average salaries are tabulated below.

Job title

Average Salary in CAD

project manager


Financial controller


Marketing Manager


HR Manager


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Senior Business Analyst


Business Development Manager


Earning an MBA from a Canadian Institution will open doors to new challenges around the world. Every year, millions of people choose to study at Canadian MBA colleges and universities thanks to internships with renowned management companies and visa flexibility. Thus, among international students, Canada is considered as one of the most sought after countries for MBA programs for its excellent scope and universities of the arts.


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