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The Master in Business Administration is a two-year degree program leading to a large number of job opportunities around the world. MBA admission in 2022 will be based on MBA entrance exams, GDPI, grades 10 and 12 achievement, employment history, and other factors. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in Science, Commerce, Humanities, or a related field to gain admission to the MBA program. The 2022 MBA admissions process requires long-term preparation, which starts with identifying the best MBA colleges in India, assessing admission requirements, and getting accepted.

The MBA course was initiated in India to fulfill the needs of quality management roles at the highest levels of corporate organisations. In general, freshmen apply for a comprehensive standard MBA program; however, there are many options for pursuing an MBA program from the best MBA colleges in India and around the world. Applicants will learn about application procedures, MBA curriculum eligibility, best universities, entrance exams, and more in this 2022 MBA Admission Process article.

MBA Admission Process

MBA graduate students are assigned key management roles in both the public and private sectors. Most MBA colleges in India offer programs that last two years and are classified into four academic sessions or semesters. The most valuable degrees can be achieved by students through in-depth research and analysis of the best MBA colleges in India.

There are several other options available apart from the full-time MBA program which can be undertaken after graduation. Students can also enroll in the Executive MBA program if they have reliable and credible work experience. The application process for a part-time MBA course will be very different from that for a full-time MBA course.

There is a long list of MBA colleges in India that have maintained a reputation for offering affordable MBA programs at budget-friendly tuition fees. Therefore, there are several colleges that can bring students one step closer to their brighter and better future. The general process of the 2022 MBA admissions process is given below:

  • Choose from one of the best MBA universities in India
  • Search MBA entrance exam
  • Check the eligibility criteria for the same
  • Percentile score required for admission
  • Make your appearance for the MBA counseling process
  • Reception complete!

Detailed information on these factors is stated below:

Choose from a roundup of the best colleges for MBA in India

There are many universities in India that provide MBA programs in various specialties. Applicants wishing to proceed with enrollment must first select the Business School of their choice. This may seem like a simple task, but most of the top-ranked candidates on merit lists have acknowledged that choosing a B-School is one of the most challenging steps in the MBA admissions process. Choosing the best MBA College in India can be influenced by factors like-

  • Location
    Some applicants prefer to enroll in a university close to their home. While others ignore the location element in favor of other considerations before accepting an entry permit. Candidates prefer to enroll in a college that is closer to their home. In many circumstances, external conditions have no effect on the reputation of the university.
  • Preference for famous MBA colleges in India
    Without a doubt, before enrolling in any MBA college in India, the candidate investigates the reputation of the university. It becomes the most important determinant in choosing a B-School. It is true that the older the college, the more prestigious its public image. This, however, cannot be generalized. It also makes sense that newly established institutions have a better track record than older institutions.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Admission

Once the university and entrance exam are selected, an important component of the 2022 MBA admissions procedure for applicants is determining their own qualifications for college admission. Candidates can choose between a normal full-time MBA, a distance MBA, or a part-time MBA program. With the exception of some of the best MBA colleges in India that offer specialty classes, all B school basic eligibility requirements for an MBA degree remain the same. Following are the basic minimum qualification criteria that all applicants must meet in terms of achieving a degree from the best MBA colleges in India:

  • All applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, including Science, Arts, Business, and Engineering, from a reputed university or institution.
  • A 50% aggregate is required for all Undergraduate students. SC/ST/EWS applicants will receive multiple reservations.
  • Applicants in their final year of college may also qualify for an MBA program at one of the best MBA colleges in India. They must have their last graduate school certificate within the specified timeframe.

MBA Application Process

The first step towards the MBA admissions process is the process of filling out the application form. To enroll in the best MBA colleges in India, candidates need to do the following:

  1. Visit the university’s official website

The MBA program registration process can be done online and offline. If you choose to continue the process in online mode, you will need to visit the official website and log in using your credentials.

  1. Fill in the application form

After entering the username and password, you need to click on the link “MBA 2022 application form”. Carefully add your personal, professional and academic details. This will include your name, family details, address, proof of identity, the 10th, 12th, and a graduation sheet.

  1. Submit registration fee

The final step is to pay the application fee after filling out the form. You can pay the same using netbanking, debit card, or credit card.

List of Best MBA Colleges in India

The best MBA universities in India are ranked according to various criteria, including recruitment data from the previous three years, infrastructure facilities, classrooms and learning environment, academic staff, geographic area and so on. The following table shows the NIRF rankings for the best MBA Colleges in India for 2022:

University name NIRF Rating
IIM Ahmedabad 1
IIM Bangalore 2
II Calcutta 3
FMS Delhi 4
IIM Indore 5
IIM Kozhikode 6
XLRI, Jamshedpur 7
IIM Lucknow 8
Department of Management Studies (DMS) IIT Delhi, Delhi 9

MBA Entrance Exam

Admission to one of the best MBA colleges in India is done through several popular entrance exams such as CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ CMAT. Applicants need to check the syllabus and books which will help them in better preparation and understanding.

The entrance exams for this MBA program are of three types:

  1. National Level Entrance Exams: The Best MBA Schools in India accept popular entrance exams, which are ranked among the top exams and administered to national standards for applicants. All universities/institutions that cooperate receive the results of the entrance examination. CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, CMAT, IIFT and other major national MBA entrance exams are accepted by all universities.
  2. State Level Entrance Exams: These exams are taken by emerging candidates for state level universities.
  3. University Level Entrance Exams: Exams such as the NMAT by GMAC are taken by universities for admission on their respective campuses.


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