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New Delhi [India]31 October (ANI/PNN): The list of the 10 fastest growing startups has been released by Fame Finders Media today.
The list consists of 20 startups, which have been identified based on their innovation and growth rate over the past year.
Every startup has a unique achievement story. Based on their accelerating growth rate, Fame Finders has announced the names of the 10 fastest growing startups.
Prof. (Dr.) ParinSomani is Senior Editor of the Global Research Journal and Conferences, a start-up focused on advancing global societies towards a united and prosperous future. In addition, Prof. (Dr.) ParinSomani works in partnership with the London Organization of Skills Development Ltd where he serves as Director.
The purpose of this collaboration is to help humanity through Education, Women’s Empowerment, and Youth Development. The London Skills Development Organization also facilitates the acquisition of specialized skills in multidisciplinary subjects.
The PaintBrush Art Community is an organization that seeks to bridge interaction and dialogue between international and national artists of all genres. Founded by self-taught artist SonalPurohit, who has established himself in the art world as an emerging and enterprising acrylic and mixed media artist.
TPBAC’s recent exhibit was Retro Revival 2.0 and the upcoming Teslam UAE at Tower Plaza Hotel.
The future of TPBAC is to thrive in arts & related fields workshops, theme based fashion & art shows, interiors, art journalism and learning & development classes for Kids.
3. GO HAWK FOREIGN CONSULTANT PVP. LTD. – Co-Founded by Dr R. Manoj Jeremiah
Dr R. Manoj Jeremiah is Founder & Director at Go Hawk Overseas Consultants Pvt Ltd. The company offers legal advice and supports candidates to navigate abroad for work, residence, study and travel. Dr R. Manoj Jeremiah has completed his DMS, D. Hum, MBA International, M.Sc. in psychology, and a BE in Electronics & Communications, and is a business consultant, brand strategist, transformational coach, motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, and social activist by profession.
4. ADISA MEDIA – Founded by ParineetaChaudhary
ParineetaChaudhary is Founder of Adisa Media & holds masters degree in Business, She comes from conservative jaat family from bahadurgarh Haryana, and started working since she was 17 years old, breaking all social norms, She jumps on the journey she wants to explore. A fierce & highly motivated businesswoman, Parineeta wears many hats at Adisa including Strategic advisor, Creative input etc, Parineeta deftly oversees several business divisions. His efforts together with the team have resulted in a company worth 30 million USD which is a phenomenal achievement for someone so young.
5. SPOOGLE.IN – Founded by AmitKhemka
Spoolle.in is a platform where people get access to the latest sports news and stories about cricket, football, soccer, tennis and many other sports. Behind the launch of this innovative platform, the founder aims to facilitate sports lovers around the world with the latest updates, live scores, trending sports tweets, etc. Moreover, sports lovers can support their favorite team, play free online games, discuss and share their experiences. opinions, and much more.
6. FUTUROL MOTEUR GLOBAL PVP. LTD – Founded by SatishPathak
Established in 2018, FuturolMoteurGlobale is Manufacturer, Exporter & Marketer of a complete range of Automotive Brakes, Clutches, Lubricants (Automotive & Industrial) & Filters under Yoddha & Filpro Brands. The organization was formed by its founder, SatishPathak, who has 22 years of experience in the Automotive Sector. Recently they signed a contract with Umran Malik, India’s Fastest Bowler for Brand endorsement.
7. VANN ESSENTIALS – Founded by Sarika Mehta
Vann Essentials was built with the mission of sharing Natural and Chemical-Free Health Products for the welfare of society. To start with, we’ve launched Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Oils, and Handmade Soaps. Some of the amazing benefits of this oil are its natural healing remedies for insomnia, respiratory ailments, immune system function, stress, hair & skin problems, and digestive problems. Vann Essentials follows one motto which is ‘Natural land in your hands.’
8. PVP MEDICAL FIT SPINE. LTD. – Founded by Dr Abhay Daga
Spine Fit Medical Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of medical devices for the treatment of spinal disorders. It is committed to making India rank high in Health where every individual pursues a healthy and happy life. It has a strong focus on research and development and has a team of experts who are constantly innovating and introducing new products and services.
9. IMMUNITY LIFE PVP. LTD. – Founded by Punam Gupta
Punam Gupta is the Director of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. The company is engaged in Ayurvedic Products, Animal Feed Supplements, Herbal Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, etc.
Also, he is the founder of ‘Together We Can Foundation’ which is engaged in Organ/Body Donation, Food Safety Awareness & Training, Job Creation, Cloth Donation, Environmental Safety, Animal Welfare, etc. FosTac player coach by FSSAI.

10. MEALSLAB – Founded by Swapnil Choudhary
SwapnilChoudhary, MBA in Marketing and health enthusiast, puts the thought into focusing physical health and making a difference in the way people eat. He founded Mealslab, which is the first and only healthy food delivery service with balanced nutrition, perfectly portioned, which provides a wide variety of freshly cooked healthy meals to individuals across Indore.
Companies thrive on working hard to make the world a healthier place with balanced meals loaded with essential ingredients.

11. FLOA EDUCATION – Founded by Shailesh Lele
FLOA Education, founded by ShaileshLele and co-founded by KaustubhDeshpande and Rajesh Khare, is a well-known Educational Software Company, associated with hundreds of schools running under various education boards. The company’s vision is to make foreign language education accessible to every student, regardless of their socioeconomic status.
With the support of NGOs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs & CSR, this organization also supports underprivileged students in their education. Their Foreign Language Education Software is highly appreciated and implemented in 200+ schools and colleges in India.
12. YOUTH CORNER – Founded by Ramesh Bhai Anjana
Youth Corner was started by Ramesh BhaiAnjana. He is a life changer and motivational speaker. He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential and is committed to delivering better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’s industry. His long-standing research and understanding has put millions of people on a path of growth and fulfillment.
Coming from a business family, he started out as a teacher, then changed paths and embarked on a marketing career. His new venture, Aelanz in Delhi, focuses on complete media solutions from ad creation to advertising, from brand promotion to celebrity management.
He has won the Global Youth Marketing Award. Received the Indywood Excellence Award for talent management in December 2018 and received the Swaavlambika Award for Talent Management in 2021.
14. PANKH – Founded by Aarti Thapa
Pankh Organization is a Ownership with its office in Greater Noida. The founder of Pankh, AartiThapa is a young female social entrepreneur who came with a vision to empower underprivileged youth and encourage them through market-based skills support to build their careers through PANKH.
During the pandemic under his leadership, more than 1000 marginalized youth & women were supported through guaranteed placement relationships across brands such as Reliance Digital, PVR, KFC, Zivame, etc, and also supported more than 50000 families through ration packages, meal support, mask support & virtual counseling, etc.
15. GO HAWK OVERSEAS PVP CONSULTANTS. LTD. – Founded by Dr Shiny Hasini
Dr Shiny Hasini is the Founder & Director of Go Hawk Overseas Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He is an overseas consultant, immigration expert, life skills coach, serial entrepreneur and social activist. He is Head – Client Relations at Social Kingpin, which is a digital marketing company that helps brands by making them universally visible. Dr. Shiny has received Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiring Awards 2022 for Best Female Entrepreneur.
16. PRINCE ASTRO POINT – Founded by Narendra Singh Rathore
Over the past thirty years, lakhs of people have benefited from Prince Astro Point. It provides services such as horoscope analysis, horoscope matching, accurate treatment and precise gemstones. Mahadasha analysis antardasha, dedh sati, proper treatment for dhaiya, home remedies for kaal sarp dosha, manglik dosha treatment, marriage.
The agency fee for the consultation is Rs. 2,100 for any service. Founder Narendra Singh Rathore is an internationally certified astrologer as well as an actor and make-up man in Indian films.
17. NILIMA JOBS, CONSULTING & RECRUITMENT – Founded by Nilima Kamdar
Nilima Jobs is a global network of HR services, working to provide innovative, customized and integrated Human Resources solutions for its clients.
The Nilima Jobs brand is a provider of human resources solutions, as well as providing talent acquisition services to many well-known companies, listed companies, organizations in India and abroad.
18. ANCHAL’S DESIGN – Founded by Anchal Bansal
With his deep passion for design and art, he has become a thriving resin artist in the city. He has been in the arts industry for a year and has marked his immediate presence through his exemplary artistic skills.
He specializes in resin art, texture art and resin geode wall art, and has worked with clients from a wide range of industries. She also has a collection of agate clocks and coasters and is ready to launch a gorgeous planter and resin river table soon.
19. MOVING WORLD – Founded by Anand Jha
Moving World is a company that values ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal ideas, experimentation and new ways of thinking. To produce unique, long-lasting and meaningful work that supports our clients’ deeper engagement with their goals, we combine knowledge, data, beauty and courage.
The company’s vision is to provide a brand marketing program with a focus on results that raises consumer awareness, enhances their positioning and creates confidence as they evolve with a mission to gather original ideas that match the client’s unique experience.
20. EMBEBO.COM (IndianHealthCentre) – Founded by Anil Joshi
Embebo.com helps pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and laboratories in India to achieve digital presence quickly within 24 hours and provides services for small & medium-sized healthcare institutions to go paperless and join an NDHM compliant ecosystem. Embebo has now spread its influence to 150+ Hospitals & 1000+ Doctors & served more than 5 lakh patients across the country.
The 20 Fastest Growing Startup Campaign in 2022 was successfully organized, managed and coordinated by Fame Seekers. To find out more about the campaign, visit us at https://famefinders.in/ or call at +91 9718750379 or manoj@famefinders.in or https://www.facebook.com/Top10Achievers
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