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SHARJAHUAE, 22 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Britts Imperial University College is one of the leading universities in the middle East offers an accredited MBA program for working professionals and students from around the world. For busy working professionals, they facilitate topfirst-class faculty with real flexibility and ease of travel to achieve prestigious MBA degrees in a variety of specializations.

As a leading university college in providing global education with international accreditation and certification, students are given the opportunity to accelerate their careers by pursuing a large number of career advancements and advancement prospects. The coveted executive MBA program has become a popular choice among working executives from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Qatar, south Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Singapore and Malaysia.

Students can now integrate their education into busy work and home lives by adapting where, how and what they study with Britts Imperial’s highly flexible Global Executive Master programme. The UAE’s first truly global three-country MBA program specially designed for professionals from around the world, with a personalized once-a-month learning pattern. Three-day symposiums in cities like Dubai, Paris and Hong Kong making it a truly global educational experience for all learners.

Students can also benefit from triple gem accreditation where students can earn the most prestigious European degrees, UK certifications and American diplomas which are not only affordable, but also achievable with case study based assessments as well as easy monthly installments. choice. Not only that, students can also choose the opportunity to get a double Master’s degree in the same duration.

The Executive MBA program is structured to encourage students to balance work, education and personal goals. No matter what stage of growth students are in theirs careers, the Britts Imperial Executive MBA program will support they to increase theirs career to the next level. This innovative executive MBA program is designed for global online students and the degree is awarded by Euclea Business School, a prestigious top-ranked business school in France and world-renowned private higher education degree-granting institutions recognized by the State and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


  • Truly Global – A three-country Executive Master’s program with certifications from three continents.
  • Truly Personalized – Multiple MBA specializations but a personalized learning journey for every executive student.
  • Highly Flexible and Achievable – Live interactive lectures are conducted once a week/month with case study based assessments.
  • Totally Affordable – easy monthly installment structure for all students.
  • Truly Career Oriented – Personalized career services such as Career Planner, CV 360, CV Builder, Interview 360, Assessment Center Tool, Career Pathways, Employer Advice, Job Search Engine, etc.


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