Witness humanity’s reach exceed its grasp as Counter-Strike hits over 4,000 fps. | Biden News


YouTuber 3kliksphilip (opens in a new tab)apparently mad with power, bent one of the most absurd computer game components ever devised to a suitably deranged purpose: reaching the framerate of the notoriously easy-to-control Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so high, the Source engine buckles under the weight.

CS:GO is built on almost the same 18-year-old technology as Half-Life 2. Its lightweight nature allows players to achieve maximum frame rates with minimal hardware, going beyond the classic 60 to reach heights of 120, 144 or 144. even 200 fps, all for maximum competitive advantage, no matter how slight. Counter-Strike’s built-in limit is already an absurdly high 400 fps.


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