We finally know when Bastion will return to Overwatch 2 | Biden News


have you seen this robot (opens in a new tab)? He is about 7’3″, about 2 tons, and has a polite bird on his shoulder. After nine days missing from the game without any updates, Overwatch business leader Jon Spector announced (opens in a new tab) on Twitter that Bastion would finally return to Overwatch 2 on October 25th. By that time, he will be gone for over two weeks. Spector also announced that the Junkertown map has been removed to fix a bug affecting graphics performance, but it will return the same day as Bastion.

Blizzard made the call to temporarily remove Bastion (opens in a new tab) of Overwatch 2 on Monday, October 10 after a bug was discovered that allowed the robo-hero to endlessly use his mortar ultimate ability to devastating effect. Torbjörn was also targeted for bug fixes at the same time, but he remains playable in Quick Play while Blizzard works on him.

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