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On October 28, 2022, multiple eye care practices filed a data breach notice with the Montana Attorney General stemming from a third-party data breach at US Vision, Inc. According to US Vision, the breach resulted in the full names, Social Security. numbers, addresses, dates of birth, protected health information and health insurance information are compromised. Recently, the archival practices sent data breach letters to all affected parties, explaining the US Vision data breach and what they can do to protect themselves from identity theft and other fraud.

If you receive a data breach letter from Nationwide Optometry, PC, SightCare, Inc., Nationwide Vision Center, LLC, or US Vision, Inc., it means that your sensitive information was compromised in the recent breach. As we discussed before posters, it also means you are at greater risk of identity theft and other scams. Therefore, it is essential that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the various ways you can protect yourself and what legal options you may have to hold US Vision accountable.

What We Know About the US Vision Data Breach

The available information about the US Vision breach comes from several companies’ filings with the Montana Attorney General. More specifically, three entities filed a notice with Montana AG: Nationwide Optometry, Computer, SightCare, Inc., and Nationwide Vision Center, LLC. For the most part, the letters from the companies are identical and are based on the relationship between the filing entity and US Vision.

Apparently, Nationwide Optical Group, LLC acquired or joined several practices in 2019. Prior to that, the acquired practices were affiliated with US Vision. However, even after the acquisition, Nationwide Optical Group continued to use US Vision’s management services for the newly acquired practice groups. Obviously, Nationwide Optometry, PC, SightCare, Inc., and Nationwide Vision Center, LLC were three of the acquired or affiliated practices.

The filing companies explain that on May 12, 2021, US Vision became aware of suspicious activity on its computer network. In response, the company secured its systems and worked with a third-party cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident.

The investigation revealed that an unauthorized party gained access to US Vision systems between April 20, 2021 and May 17, 2021, and that sensitive patient and employee information was compromised as a result.

At this point, Nationwide Optometry, SightCare and Nationwide Vision Center sought additional information about which parties’ data was leaked. However, at the time, US Vision was unable to confirm who was affected. However, on September 22, 2022, US Vision concluded its investigation into the incident, confirming which parties were affected, and passed that information on to Nationwide Optometry, SightCare, and Nationwide Vision Center.

Although the information breached varies by individual, it may include your full name, date of birth and address, Social Security number, taxpayer identification number, driver’s license number, financial account information, medical information, treatment information (such as medical record number, dates of service, provider name, diagnosis or symptom information, and prescription/medication), health insurance, and billing and advertising information.

On October 28, 2022, Nationwide Optometry, SightCare and Nationwide Vision Center sent data breach letters to all individuals whose information was compromised as a result of the recent data security incident.

More Information About US Vision, Inc.

Founded in 1885 as Wall & Ochs, US Vision, Inc. is now a chain of optical centers and doctors with locations across the United States. US Vision has a number of retail partners where its stores are located, including JCPenney, Meijer Optical, Boscov’s Optical, Optical Center, and 2020 Vision Centers. US Vision employs more than 2,700 people and generates approximately $300 million in annual revenue.


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