The original Silent Hill 2 translator was not told about the remake | Biden News


Bloober Team’s upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 seems to follow the plot of the 2001 original, based on what little we’ve seen so far. That is, a trailer (that Bloober Team CFO Tomasz Gawlikowski says (opens in a new tab) is “in-engine UE5” and “how the game is intended to look”) which includes recreations of several scenes from the original game.

Jeremy Blaustein, who translated the Silent Hill 2 script into English as well as directed the motion capture and voiceover production, responded to the remake being announced on Twitter (opens in a new tab). “Morse!” he wrote “And they’ll once again use the SH2 English script that I wrote/translated (oh, also directed) all by myself and I’ll get zero compensation for it and there won’t be tens of thousands of people on Twitter outraged at my. name.”


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