Russia Computer Shortage Spark Wave of Computer Upgrades | Biden News


After Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, large hardware and software companies began to leave the country in order not to support the bloody war in any way. Now that the world’s major computer manufacturers are not officially selling systems in Russia, many end users have to buy components to repair or upgrade their existing machines, according to media reports.

Sales of computer components for desktops and laptops increased by two to four times in the first nine months of 2021 in Russia compared to the same period a year ago, reports Cnews. (opens in a new tab). Apparently, Russians buy almost all computer parts they can install themselves, including graphics cards, processors, memory, solid-state drives, hard drives, motherboards and computer chassis, according to data from large retailers such as M.Video-Eldorado, Ozon. , and Blackberries.


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