Philips announces no-nonsense Evnia PC gaming brand | Biden News


Philips has announced a new PC gaming brand called Evnia, which is looking to produce peripherals with a little more flair than usual.

The typical gamer aesthetic — at least when you think of competitive PC gaming and outrageous e-sports events — is all flashy logos and RGB lighting. It’s a look that PC gaming brands have enthusiastically adopted en masse.

That’s not quite the approach Philips is taking with its new Evnia brand. Rather, the brand operates from the idea that “the definition of a typical gamer is more diverse than ever,” and goes far beyond “the stereotype that gaming is only for teenagers.”

The desire for a more “welcoming community” led to a unique design that “adds freshness, premium and elegance to the mix.”

From what we can see of the first Evnia product, that means sleek designs, the use of lots of white and silver, and a liberal sprinkling of Ambiglow lights. Don’t you dare say “that looks a bit like fancy RGB lighting”.

Philips Evnia’s first gaming product, made together with licensee MMD, is the Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV monitor. It’s a curved 34-inch Quad HD (3440 x 1440) mini-LED display with a 165Hz refresh rate, HDR 1400, ultra-low input lag and Adaptive-Sync. There is Ambiglow lighting on the back, and DTS Sound support. It will be available in December for €2,069/$1,799.99.

In mid-January, several more Evnia monitors will join the range. These will include the Philips Evnia 42M2N8900, a €1,959/ $1,599.99 42-inch OLED flat screen; the 34M2C8600, a 34-inch QD OLED curved display from €1,849/$1,499.99; and the 27M2C5500W, €579 27-inch VA curved screen.

Lest you think that Philips is just looking to join the list of the best gaming monitors, the brand promises that two keyboards, two mice, two headphones and one mouse pad will fill the list starting in June 2023.


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