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Xbox App on PC is set to improve soon as Phil Spencer revealed in his recent interview with Same Brain Podcast that a big update is coming to the gaming software in the near future.

Speaking about the upcoming Xbox Game Studios titles coming out in 2023, Phil Spencer teased a new update for PC that will arrive in a few weeks. “We do a lot more work on a computer because I think a computer is important,” Spencer said. “We have a big update to our Xbox App that’s actually coming in a few weeks.”

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Unfortunately, the Xbox boss didn’t reveal anything about this upcoming update to the Xbox App, but mentioning it as a “major” update could mean that it could contain new features or at least get rid of some of the software’s weird bugs, especially with previous ones. -load games.

Before that, Microsoft added the ability to choose where to install a game before pressing the download button in the Xbox App, which was a widely requested option. Thanks to the updates rolled out this year so far, Xbox App on PC feels much smoother than before. However, there are still some annoying issues that could be annoying, including the difficulties that some players have when trying to sync their Xbox App account with an EA App account to take advantage of EA Play games through the PC Game Pass subscription .

It is also expected that the new Xbox App update brings mouse and keyboard support for xCloud games. Currently, the only way to play Game Pass titles on PC with xCloud is to use a controller.

In addition to the Xbox App on PC, Microsoft is also working on an overhaul for the Xbox Series X|S UI, which is expected to come out in 2023. Recently, many insiders have been given the opportunity to test Microsoft’s new Home UI on Xbox consoles, which looks somewhat similar to the older UI of the console.

In another part of his interview with Same Brain, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft will keep Call of Duty on PlayStation after the Activision-Blizzard acquisition.

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