Overwatch 2 makes me hate playing support | Biden News


While no hero will ever come close to my hours spent in D.Va, I’ve taken a bit of a shine to support characters since the launch of Overwatch 2. While part of that is born out of necessity—queue flex currently saddles you with support 95% of the time—part it also comes from my love for orb-cafing omni Zenyatta. Sure he’s horribly squishy for a piece of metal, but he’s a powerful powerful healer and damage dealer in the right hands. So it’s such a bummer that this game makes playing support so damn crappy.

With the removal of a tank and a new smaller team, it changed the way support should think. The thing is, I actually like what 5v5 has done for support. Position is more essential now. With no off-tank for me to hide behind, I have to actually use my brain and a drop of spatial awareness. The removal of Overwatch’s old dual shield and hunker-down method makes the role feel more efficient and engaging, constantly dashing around the map to heal flankers before returning to the safety of the tank. It feels like the most important role in the game right now, but that’s also its undoing.


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