Overclocker pushes Raspberry Pi CM4 to 2.5GHz | Biden News


When it comes to PC-related DIY enthusiasm, it’s hard to go past the Raspberry Pi community. This credit card-sized, cheap-as-a-potato variety of chips computer lends itself to impressive projects for years. Want to build your own vending machine? (opens in a new tab)have a spy-ready backpack (opens in a new tab)or a cat operated doorbell (opens in a new tab)the Pi is the perfect companion for all these projects.

But we live in the world we make, so some people just aren’t happy with what this little miracle of a computer can achieve. It’s not enough that something that can fit in my wallet can reach clock speeds of up to 1.5GHz. Someone just had to go and push the limits on this poor soldier, and boy did they.


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