Microsoft’s award-winning Adaptive Controller was almost cut from funding | Biden News


Microsoft has made some choices over the past few years that have really pushed the idea of ​​”gaming for everyone.” Game Pass is one of the cheapest ways to instantly get a library full of great games, including our 2021 GOTY Valheim. (opens in a new tab)and more recently Persona 5 Royal (opens in a new tab). The Microsoft Adaptive controller is another great example of how the company is working to make gaming more accessible to everyone, and it almost never happened.

As reported by The Verge (opens in a new tab), Microsoft almost cut the Adaptive Controller during development. When funding cuts were made to projects, the now widely acclaimed Adaptive Controller was close to the chopping block. The only reason it ended up seeing the light of day was because of how hard people working within the company fought to keep it around.


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