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Usually we fail at “computer cleaner” programs like CCleaner because they tend to do little more than helping you find the same cleaning options already built into your computer (sometimes for a fee). However, we can make an exception for PC Manager, because it is built by Microsoft itself, and it works really well.

PC Manager is in beta right now, but you can check it out early to see if it does the job for your PC. It runs on Windows 10 1809 and newer versions of the operating system. Fair warning: its download page is in Mandarin, but the installer and the application both default automatically english The program seems to be aimed at the PC market in China, but it works perfectly fine no matter where you are, and it is indeed legit.

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PC Manager offers a simple UI to help you find and fix common problems slowing down down your computer. For example: Click the Initial applications button to stop certain programs from launching when your computer starts. The Process management option allows you to monitor the memory usage of running programs, and allows you to quit these programs with one click.

The most useful option is Acceleration, which immediately frees up RAM and removes temporary files from your computer. In our test, RAM usage was reduced from 62% to 45% after clicking this button, while Firefox’s memory usage went from 1.9GB to 412MB. This is good, if temporary, repair to speed up your computer.

The program also has a Storage Manager option allows you to find and delete large files or junk files by linking to Windows’ built-in uninstaller and Storage Sense functionsduring the A security tab lets you quickly check for Windows updates and run a malware scan. yes, tthese options are available in various other locations in Windows, but PC Manager makes it easy to find them all at once.

The program is not perfect—it is could use some extra features, like the option to delete the leftover files that remain even after you’ve uninstalled certain ones apps However, it’s good (free) option to speed up your slow computer or help solve problems a a family member’s machine. Most importantly, it comes from a developer you can trust, which means it is unlikely to shove ads and malware oto your computer.


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