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YouTube streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” allegedly broke his computer setup, causing his stream to end prematurely last night. The 17-year-old has often been seen making frantic moves that cause his CPU to crash, sometimes on him.

In a similar vein, the streamer was seen freaking out over jump scares while reacting to a video on his live stream yesterday. The video included a short footage of the squirrel, which was quickly followed by flashing lights and loud noises, causing him to fall off his chair. Darren’s CPU can be seen falling to his side as he falls off before the stream ends.

A fan page dedicated to IShowSpeed ​​related updates revealed that Darren had damaged his hardware, causing his stream to end abruptly.

IShowSpeed ​​update page confirms the streamer's absence (Image via Speed ​​Updates Twitter)
IShowSpeed ​​update page confirms the streamer’s absence (Image via Speed ​​Updates Twitter)

IShowSpeed ​​breaks its setup; expected to return soon

IShowSpeed ​​​​never shies away from making an extraordinary move or two in front of the camera. Usually his flows last a few hours. However, his last stream only lasted 10 minutes due to his jokes.

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Darren found the aforementioned video on his Discord server. After clicking the video, he observed an undisturbed squirrel in a field. However, the streamer timidly continued to mutter about the possibility of the animal being killed. He said:

“No, he’s about to die. Bro, I swear chat if this squirrel dies, I swear. I swear, dawg.”

The clip then cuts to an incoherent but loud sound that visibly startles Darren and makes him fall from his chair. Darren does not reappear after the stream abruptly ends, implying that the drop caused hardware damage.

This isn’t the first time Darren has had his setup unplugged. In one stream, he was seen carelessly falling on his screen while trying to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing party, causing it to dissolve.

A compilation of Darren ruining his setup can be found in a YouTube video, shared below:

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Fans react to the clip

IShowSpeed’s comic moments are always sought after by fans, and his latest joke was no exception. Many people responded to the video by leaving comments. Here are some of them.

@SpeedUpdates1 that’s why i always leave the stream when he checks discord💀i already know it’s not safe

@SpeedUpdates1 I don’t want to imagine how many people had seizures because of that

In other news, the Ohio-born streamer just reached an incredible milestone of 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. One of the reasons for his rapid growth is undoubtedly due to the wild moments that he manages to produce on a regular basis.

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