Gabe Newell calling in a favor with a potato phone is the funniest thing Valve has done in years | Biden News


Valve, as always in PC gaming, continues to forge its own path through the industry. As well as running the actual PC distribution platform Steam, it appears to have finally broken the hardware barrier with the Steam Deck, and continues to support some of the world’s most popular games while steadfastly refusing to use the number ‘3’. Tell you what though: it’s not as fun as it used to be.

It’s fun in the context of games, and then it’s just fun period. Valve is in the latter camp and, for me, hit its richest vein of form around the Orange Box era. Portal was hilarious, everything about Team Fortress 2 raised a smile, and then Portal 2 arrived shortly after and to this day remains the funnest single player and co-op experience I’ve ever had. Maybe it was upset for those days that made me watch Valve’s new video for Cave Johnson’s announcer pack, and realize that the studio still has it.


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