Elden Ring patches his shard after an Endure spell proves too enduring | Biden News


Elden Ring just received update 1.07, which was one of the most important attempts that FromSoftware made to address the porous line between PvE and PvP in these games. It came with an absolute boatload of changes aimed at multiplayer balance, and decoupled PvE and PvP weapon balancing (although, this mostly involved buff weapons in PvE). Everything got a little live service for a while.

Perhaps too live a service, because now the developer has rushed out a patch to the patch, retouching some values ​​and admitting that some weapons don’t work quite as Elden Lord might like. Chief among them is the Ashes of War art Endure, which had its effect extended and let you parry attacks with reduced damage and respond with an almighty blow. The direction of this art has now been reduced after Tarnished became a bit too quiet, with the buff having “a greater impact on game balance than expected.”


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