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Electronic Arts has officially revealed that its new desktop launcher known as EA App is now available as a fully released platform, and is set to replace the company’s older Origin launcher.

It’s been a while since Electronic Arts announced EA App as a new desktop launcher for PC, however, the platform has been in the beta phase for a significant amount of time. Although EA App was already the main platform for running EA Play games through a Game Pass subscription on PC, the software still had some big little problems.

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Right now, EA App is officially a fully launched platform, and Electronic Arts is trying to retire Origin soon, making EA App its main launcher on PC. According to EA, when the time comes, all Origin users will receive an invitation email to EA App, which will completely break down the transition process for users. As EA reveals, players will be able to transfer their games, cloud and local saves, and friends list from Origin to EA App.

Similar to Origin, players will be able to link their EA App account to other platforms such as Steam or the Xbox App, which allows them to run Steam titles that previously required Origin to be installed. It is expected that the already launched titles like Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 23, which require Origin to run on Steam, will soon require users to run EA App instead. As a result, we suggest you install EA App as soon as possible and get used to its new environment.

The new PC launcher seems to run much faster than Origin, especially if your PC is running on an SSD. Also, it’s much easier to switch between tabs, link your account to other platforms, and download or update your owned games with the EA App. You can download and install EA App on Windows using this link.

It’s worth noting that this transition will only happen on Windows, which means MacOS users will still have to play their games through Origin. So, it’s not yet full retirement for the older platform.

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