Don’t buy a computer with 8GB of RAM (unless you plan to upgrade it) | Biden News


We are two decades into the 21st century, a time where many of us expected to have flying cars or apartments on the moon. Instead, technology companies still are selling floppy disks and brand new computers with an unbearable 8GB of RAM. Be sure to pick up a 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB floppy if you still need one. But, for Woz’s sake, don’t get a computer with less than 16GB of memory, unless you plan to buy more RAM and install it yourself.

We’ve reached the point in computing history where you can’t competently run Windows and browse the Internet with less than 16GB on board. On my desktop computer running Windows 10, it only takes 8 Chrome tabs, Slack and Spotify running to cross the 8GB threshold. My regular use case of four dozen tabs takes me up to about 15GB, without running any games or productivity apps. Even with nothing but background services running, I’m using 5.5GB.

My computer with only 8 tabs open, Slack and Spotify. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Even playing one game will exceed the 8GB limit of many $1,000 gaming PCs. Editor-in-Chief Sarah Jacobsson Purewal shared a screenshot of her task manager where Elden Ring eats up 4.4GB of RAM and Steam gobbles up another 354MB. Once you exceed your computer’s physical RAM, the OS will compensate by swapping data in and out of your page file, significantly hurting performance.

Games like Elden Ring use over 4GB of RAM on their own. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Despite the fact that modern Windows PCs really need 16GB of RAM and the cost of adding more RAM is minimal, major PC vendors continue to offer systems with only 8GB. And we’re not talking about kiddie Chromebooks or $199 cheap Pentium CPU laptops! High-end $900 gaming laptops and $1,300 ultrabooks also come with just 8GB. By the way, another 8GB of laptop RAM would cost you $25 on Amazon, so it must cost OEMs who can pay wholesale a fraction of that to do just that.


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