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Need to know

what is that A pixel art roguelike that combines mining for resources with defending your glass home from aliens.
Expect to pay: £14/$17
Release date: September 27th
Developer: Bippinbits
Publisher: Raw Rage
Reviewed on: RTX 2070, i7-10750H, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link: Official website (opens in a new tab)

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. No, they need a lot more firepower than that. At least that’s the case in Dome Keeper, where tides of vengeful monsters attack your all-too-breakable transparent sanctuary, and ramping up your laser defenses is the only way to stay intact. Mercifully, the ground beneath your feet contains pockets of raw materials that you can use to strengthen your hardware.

Dome Keeper’s rogue routine is as beautifully simple as that: carve out bits of soil during quiet moments that last about a minute, then go up home with whatever you find and fend off the next attack. The reasons for your predicament are similarly simple, outlined in a little intro that sees your glass spaceship crash into an alien landscape, squashing one of the locals. Now its relatives are inferential to smash the deadly snow globe that sinks you into a suffocating loop.

(Image credit: Bippinbits)

It’s suffocating because Dome Keeper is so tight and relentless, like the day-night cycle of Terraria or Minecraft vacuum-packed into a single inescapable space. Your dome dweller, a blob of pixel art, darts around with the urgency of a worker bee, banging against blocks with a tiny drill until they crumble. You just have to point them at a block for the drill to do its job. Some of the soft rock surrenders immediately, some requires a few pokes. Luckily the tunnels you cut out lead to deposits of iron, which you attach to wires with a button tap and drag back to base.


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