Disco Elysium writer sues developer ZA/UM | Biden News


Earlier this month, Martin Luiga—Founding member and developer of Studio ZA/UM in one of PC Gamer’s all-time favorites Disco Elysium—announced the “dissolution of the ZA/UM Cultural Association.” He said that the company as a cultural project “no longer represents the atmosphere on which it was founded”, adding that artist Aleksander Rostov, and writers Helen Hindpere and Robert Kurvitz, left “involuntarily.” In a subsequent interview, Luiga said that the three were “fired on false premises”, implying that prosecution against ZA/UM was forthcoming.

Now, as reported by TechNewsSpace, that does appear to be the case. As seen on the Estonian Ministry of Justice website Riigi Teataja, writer Kurvitz filed against ZA/UM on behalf of his own company, Telomer OÜ.


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