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Chrome Dinosaur Game – Much More Than You Wanted To Know…

If you have Google Chrome as your browser, you’ve probably seen this game before. If you didn’t know already, the game appears when the internet goes down.

The Dinosaur Game was created in 2014 and was released to the public in September of the same year. Google released the game across all platforms, including desktops, computers, tablets, iOS and Android mobile phones. The source code to save the high score of the player in Chrome Dino was presented in November 2018. Whether you are a current player of the Dinosaur Game on Google or new to it, this website https://dinosaurgame.net/ is dedicated to the game .


The Dinosaur Game https://dinosaurgame.net/ is a popular game with millions of players around the world. It is amazing that millions of people are playing this game offline and online. This runner game is free for everyone and does not require a special graphics card…

In addition, the dino game website works across all devices and browsers, which makes it even better. The Chrome Dino is easy to play but hard to keep a decent score!


Surprisingly, after reviewing the game site, I noticed that there is a learning resource center for the game that teaches you the history and facts along with how to play.

Besides how interesting this site was, there was also the fact that it became super addictive. I went in with the intention of playing only a few games and ended up spending hours playing determined to get a better score. The game has leaderboards, you can choose which country to play for as you are in the Olympics!

Overall this game is really great and a good time especially when you are bored. It’s an add-on to Google’s Dinosaur Runner game but better because it’s standalone. I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did.


The site caught me off guard with how fun it was and all the facts and history that was behind it made it an entertaining read. I can see this becoming a piece of history in the future keeping the game open for everyone to play, not just Google Chrome users.

With the tech industry changing so fast, who knows that Google might stop the dinosaur game on its platform one day. With https://dinosaurgame.net/ we can be sure that all our scores and time spent jumping with T-Rex are saved.


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