Dark Souls II SotFS PC Servers Are Back Online, Dark Souls II and Remastered Are Next | Biden News


While the Dark Souls III PC servers came back online in August 2022, the rest of the Dark Souls PC servers did not. However, today, the official Dark Souls Twitter account posted an update that Dark Souls II Scholars of the First Sin is now back online, with the original Dark Souls II and Dark Souls Remastered PC being the next games to be worked on next.

Dark Souls Remastered Coming Back

However, there was also some bad news. The original Dark Souls PC title, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, will not be fixed and will remain offline. This is due to the game being built on an older engine, and honestly, I prefer that. Dark Souls Remastered surpasses the original game in every way. It supports up to 4K resolution, the number of multiplayer players has been updated from 4 to 6, password clearing is similar to that of Dark Souls III, 3 vs. 3 and 6 vs. 6 arena battles, dedicated servers, and more make the remastered. title the supreme. However, it sucks that those who want to play Dark Souls PC online now have to buy Dark Souls Remastered.

On January 23, 2022, Bando Namco took all of the Dark Souls PC servers offline due to the RCE outbreak that was discovered. This exploit could capture your login information for your computer, run programs in the background, or maybe even save your OS. Since then, Bandai Namco and Fromsoftware have promised that they will patch this exploit and put the servers back up. Which felt like an eternity for Dark Souls PC players, myself included.

\As for when the Dark Souls II and Dark Souls: Remastered servers will return, that’s anyone’s guess. The Dark Souls III servers came back online in August 2022, and the Dark Souls II: SotF returns today, so that’s been two months. So hopefully, we’ll be playing Dark Souls: Remastered on PC before the end of 2022.


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