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After a long legal battle, both the Judgment titles have finally made their way to the PC. The two Yakuza spinoffs looks at a private detective named Takayuki Yagami, who uses a combination of his investigative skills and mastery of combat to solve various cases, deal with some hooligans, and save the innocent. He could be considered the weakest Yakuza protagonist in the eyes of many fans, but gamers who love the series and its gameplay loop will be more than satisfied with the other parts of these titles.

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Of course, the arrival of these two games on PC means that mods are bound to play a role here as well. With this in mind, here are some of the best Judgment mods that fans of the title should definitely try.


10/10 Judgment Pierre Taki Restoration Patch

Kyohei Hamura is quite an important character in Judgment, where his likeness and voice are given by well-known Japanese actor Pierre Taki. Unfortunately, due to legal problems stemming from drug addiction, Pierre Taki was removed and replaced in the Western editions of the game.

Judgment purists can choose to play the game as intended with the Pierre Taki Restoration Patch. True to its name, it brings both the likeness and voice of this actor to the PC edition of Judgmentmaking for a more authentic experience.

9/10 DLSS 2.0 Mod

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, more commonly known as FSR, is a fairly new solution that adjusts game performance to run at higher resolutions despite the high graphics requirements. However, this solution still pales in comparison to NVIDIA’s DLSS, which is the best over-sampling solution for increasing performance with little or no visual drawbacks.

Unfortunately, the basic game of Judgment only has FSR 2.1. This can be changed with a mod that replaced this solution with the very superior DLSS 2.0.

Most modern AAA games have a lot of logos and intro videos before players can get to the main menu. Judgment there is no exception to this golden rule, and most people may not appreciate the long wait they have to go through before starting the game.

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So, it goes without saying that modders have come to the rescue in this department as well. The Direct to Menu JE mod does exactly what is stated in the mod title and lets players jump into the Judgment title screen from the very moment they start the game.

7/10 Faster Style Change

Changing styles in Judgment is crucial to controlling a battle. Different styles work best for different scenarios, but the fact that style switching takes time may have frustrated players who have put a lot of time into the game as it is.

With Faster Style Switching, this issue becomes a thing of the past. Yagami switches styles twice as fast with this mod, letting players wipe the floor with enemies in record time.

6/10 Judgment Cheating Table

It’s only a matter of time before cheats would appear for a game published on PC, and Judgment there is no exception here. With the Judgment Cheat Table mod, players can customize and adjust almost all metrics in the game to their liking.

These cheats include infinite health, no fatal wounds, infinite EX meter, and keeping the threat level at 0% for an indefinite period. Suffice it to say, these cheaters are spinning Judgment into a breeze, so players should only use these cheats if the need arises in any way.

5/10 DisvestiseAnytime For JE

Just like the normal Yakuza games, Yagami cannot change his costume in the base game unless the story calls for the same. Having to unlock Premium Adventure to get access to all the costumes can be a major pain.

This problem is solved with the following mod, which allows players to change clothes in Story Mode whenever they see fit. Being able to change any outfit and defeat enemies is a great part of the overall experience that fans will have a great time with.

4/10 Judgment Unlock Every Ability

Most of it Yakuza games have a natural sense of progression that lets them unlock moves as the story moves on, and Judgment there is no exception here. This allows players to feel quite powerful as they slowly unlock cool moves for all three styles.

If players want to break this progression and get all the moves they want in one go, then this mod is perfect for them. It removes the cost for each skill, although the skills locked behind QR Codes will not be unlocked in the same way.

3/10 BD Yagami

Yagami’s default outfit is pretty cool and a fitting look for his character. However, there are times when players may want his appearance to be a little different.

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The BD Yagami mod is a great way to give everyone’s favorite detective a cleaner and sleeker look. This gives Yagami a Black Drip outfit, which is something that fans bored of his default look will definitely appreciate.

2/10 Suitable Ultrawide (For All Languages)

playing Judgment on ultrawide screens is definitely a treat for the ages. However, there are times when the game doesn’t make full use of this ultrawide, using black mailboxes during cutscenes and the like.

This is where the Proper Ultrawide mod comes into the picture. True to its name, it ensures that ultra-wide resolutions do not encounter these black boxes in any situation, leading to a more immersive and less exciting experience.

1/10 Lost Judge Eyes Or Yagami On Crack

Lost Judgment is a great sequel that improves on a lot of things present in the first game. Notable changes include faster combat, instant style changes, and increased opportunities for juggling enemies.

All these changes are integrated into Judgment with this mod. Suffice to say, fighting enemies in the game becomes all the more exciting with all these modern innovations, especially for people who have played the game before!

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